Studio Corner

My home studio journey, and other stuff–in no particular order–which will change once I start doing this intentionally. =D

In the meantime, here’s the first of the randomized set. I show a bit of how I worked on one of my singles.


Next a look at my mobile setup since it’s the most used and most and most consistently “setup” setup I have. I don’t really have a permanent setup yet. I always have to take part of it down. Anyway, here it is!


My first time using the CME Xkey in my setup. This song ended up on my first album.


This next video is me working on a song for a client–a friend of mine. This was my first time playing the song, so you can see my learning curve. I wasn’t able to complete the project but I did learn a lot through the process.


This was one evening in my bedroom improvising a piano version of a couple of songs I like. Video wasn’t very good but I like the direction of the music. I don’t remember if this is what led to improv sessions or not.


In this entirely screen capture video I explore the process of fine tuning a song that I had composed earlier in the year.


I continue my work on January Song with the first in my series of “Library Sessions.” Initially called that because I was actually in the library in the first one, but afterward came to mean any session where I don’t talk but just edit, mix, compose, arrange, etc.


Continuing on with Library Session number 2.


Finally for Library Session 3 I thought I’d try a different piece. This one was composed on the spot.


Continuing on with my screen capture videos I explore the one part of my Blocks Wired presets that had puzzled me. The XY presets. Apparently you have to be recording if you want to actually hear them.


And for part 2 I explored the free running sequences.


This one’s a bit of a throwback. My typical day of editing a sermon. It’s gotten better as I’ve worked on streamlining the process and gained assistant editors. But here’s what it was. (Btw, this was shot on my tablet. Not sure that’s why the sync is a little off, though.)


The second version of All in a Day’s work. And my first time using screen capture! Again it’s bit of a throwback as my process has yet again improved, but you get the idea. This time I decided to split the coverage in half to avoid on 40 minute long video.


In the second half I continue through to creating the end credits sequence.


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