Music Tech Unboxing & Reviews

This wasn’t my first unboxing ever, but it was the first of my music/studio gear unboxings. I filmed it and decided to upload it even though I thought it was a little silly. To my surprise it became my most watched video. Which me wonder (two years later) if I should try it again.


I unfortunately had to sell my DGX-640 (seen the previous video) after only one year. But next piece of gear I got that I thought was worth recording was the CME Xkey (25-key edition). This incredible little controller had so many thing packed into a computer keyboard profile, that I had to pick one up as  stand-in for my 88-key digital piano.


Following this I decided to do what I had not done very well for my first keyboard–give a review.


After a while my fingers began to again crave a normal piano to play on. So, in order to increase my productivity I bought a Keystation 61.


After using it for a while I shared my thoughts in a review.


Next I decided to do a retro-review of my DGX-640 and talk about the new DGX-650 as well since they were nearly identical.


Then I decided to try my hand at software instrument reviews. Since I had just added the Blocks Wired presets to my Reaktor 6 Player, this came quite naturally.


After that I took a break for the holiday season. That gave me time to think about what to review next. I decided to do another retro-review. Thankfully this time, I still had the the piece of equipment. A Scarlett 2i2 (1st gen). It’s still my most creative review to date, though not the most viewed, which is fine. I had fun making it. I was able to take my time and come up with something that showed all of the features practically without being a boring talking head (as much as I appreciate product specialists).


After that, I thought it would be good to go a little bit more into the setup process for the Scarlett.


After reviewing the Keystation 61 I had several people comment on the problems they were having using the transport controls. I too had this problem but since I never used them it wasn’t that big of a deal, just something that would’ve been nice. After the comments, though I decided to look into it and this is what I found.


Finally after 6 months of use I decided to give the old Keystation another review. Kind of a is it still worth it review. I also went into the software that comes with it a bit more.



I’ve been planning to do a review of this microphone for a while now. But before I could shoot a single frame…my camera broke. So I waited for a while, but finally realized that it might be a while before I got the camera replaced. And so I decided to use some good old screen capture, and pictures from the time I got the microphone, along with audio samples to tell the story.


My next review is of the Sonivox 88 Ensemble VST. Not the most well known, but a real treasure.


This time I decided to review a delay plugin from Native Instruments. Replika has been a part of my sound arsenal for over  a year now, and this updated version (Replika XT) was just begging to be reviewed.