Where am I now?

Hi, I’m still doing things–just more boring things–like hours of video editing! lol Okay, not completely true. I am doing videos and sing arranging and a class which  involves a lot of brain energy and some study. So I’ve had little left for writing. I do plan to write again, both here and in my … More Where am I now?

I am not Dead

It has been sold time since my last post. I feel like I’m forever saying that. I guess life gets busier and busier and well you just tend to forget the blog that’s sitting there waiting to be written. Things have been happening, naturally, a little too fast to write them down…or decide which ones … More I am not Dead


Well it’s time for another Pilgrim’s Progress 3 update. So I’m on the next chapter. I think I mentioned wanting to do video blogs on Marianna in the future. I probably will at some point. Just need a good place to shoot–which at the moment is not my room. That’s my most major current project, … More Progress

Monday on Wednesday

So I missed my regular random Monday post (aka Monday randomness) but I have a good reason. I’ve been busy “scuba diving.” And what I mean by that is flooding my mind with information. It’s like one of those OCD moments where you’re just going and can’t seem to stop. But anyway, productive things have … More Monday on Wednesday

Agents, the Novel: Hardwired 3

©2011-2013 Jaron Dael Belboda Jaguar J Enterprise + CGIS Chapter Three Jason drummed his fingers absent mindedly as he waited for Hawk to finish her analysis. Caiman looked at him and shook his head. “Getting those kill innocent people urges?” He asked mischievously. Jason looked at his friend disapprovingly. “You haven’t stopped the vampire/werewolf jokes … More Agents, the Novel: Hardwired 3