I am not Dead

It has been sold time since my last post. I feel like I’m forever saying that. I guess life gets busier and busier and well you just tend to forget the blog that’s sitting there waiting to be written. Things have been happening, naturally, a little too fast to write them down…or decide which ones … More I am not Dead


So it’s almost thanksgiving. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been working on school assignments and job hunting and my EP. The road to sustainable self employment is not an overnight one. Nonetheless I am on it, for better or worse. So this week I want to reflect on the things for which … More Thanksgiving

Random Mondays

Well it’s another random Monday–at least where I am now =) So last week I took the time to focus on a different form of writing. A presentation. Specifically a PowerPoint presentation (still in my Instagram feed on the side bar). I think I’m getting the hang of doing this after all. It’s funny I … More Random Mondays

Moving to Loudr

So in addition to writing songs, I’m also trying to manage my other content–in this case Seasons. Which for a while I had on Noise Trade.  After some research and hearing about Loudr I decided to switch over. The reason being that I would like to actually sell my content, and short of CD Baby this … More Moving to Loudr