the Concepts Project


Concepts was a new venture for me. I had wanted to do an album for a long time, and this was my chance. It’s hardly steller–it is more like a learning curve. A collection of my music over the past 5 years or so. I call it the Concepts Project because really what it is, is a collection of ideas. Ideas of faith and trust and hard times. I think this is something that can be expanded on in the future. There’s the potential to have a seasonal project with the heading Concepts. So that’s the idea behind it. This is the first full album of the concepts project, the EP was released the previous year.

Concepts Cover4

Released April 2, 2015

Purchase on iTunes

My second biggest dream after completing a regular album was to create a Christmas album. Concepts Christmas EP was the result for 2015. It includes 2 live recordings from church when I played for Christmas programs. The rest were recorded specifically for the project.


Released December 15, 2015

Purchase on iTunes 



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