Keeping up

So I haven’t made any posts lately. I’ve had some ideas–even started to work on them… And that’s as far as I got. This week I’ll be trying to get some of those ideas out there for you all. -J This is what I’ve been up to most recently, among other things =)

Random Wednesday?

Well we’re here! Another month of the year =) I realize I’ve missed some posts–life has take a turn for the busier. After finishing Sasquatch, I started focusing more on creating music as well as writing Marianna.  And as far as my room goes, it looks like I’m back where I started! It still looks like … More Random Wednesday?

Moving to Loudr

So in addition to writing songs, I’m also trying to manage my other content–in this case Seasons. Which for a while I had on Noise Trade.  After some research and hearing about Loudr I decided to switch over. The reason being that I would like to actually sell my content, and short of CD Baby this … More Moving to Loudr

Process of Writing: songs and experimental process

Well here were are at another TGIF. It’s been quite a week. In a good way, though. I’m very thankful for what  I was able to do. So I’m talking about songs and experimental process, which sounds pretty impressive but is really quite simple as I’ll explain in a minute. So yesterday I was working on … More Process of Writing: songs and experimental process