USS Sasquatch

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Behind the Scenes

Okay, so this project was recorded and pretty much mixed when it was sent to me (unlike DSI files) all I had to do was sound design. It turned out more challenging than I expected, mostly because I was also going to school and had trouble scheduling it in at first. I did eventually find time, though; and here’s a look at some of what I did.

So that’s a little of how I go about selecting and layering pre-recorded sounds. Another part of sound design is Foley, which is basically performing and recording sounds that are too specific to be found in a regular sound library.

I also thought I’d throw in the bonus video showing how I layered the electric doors.

The last leg of the journey! As usual there are other things that need to be finished after you say “We’re almost done!” but we’re still on the home stretch so here it is!

One step closer!!!

And at last, the project is done!

Sound Designer’s Commentary



Project Notes: This production (USS Sasquatch – First Flight) is delivered under a creative commons license to be distributed freely in it’s entirety and not sold.

– Credits –

Written by: Charles W. Russell

Directed by: Brandon Butler (with Jaron Belboda)

Featuring the voice talents of:

Brianna Summers = Noel Merritt
Tomas Guitierrez = Scott J Pigg
Capt. Gabriel Jessup = Glen Hallstrom
Maxwell Lynch = Kevin Powe
Dr. Elyssa Leeds = Deborah Adams
Moose = Tripp Hurst
T’Chak = Rish Outfield
Vashon – Kim Gianapoulos
Alpha – Laura Frechette
Path Commander – Robert Brown

Sound Design: Jaron Belboda
featuring Music from: and Kevin MacLeod
with SFX:
Produced by: Paeter Frandsen, Jaron Belboda, and Ken Harmeyer (HAR-my-er)

This has been a Spirit Blade Underground Alliance Production. |

– sound effects – contributers:

– Music –
Impact Lento MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
A Dwarf’s Tale
Setting Sails
Anna’s Theme
Orchestral Filmmusic collection

Introduction to Main Theme
Music for documentaries CC
Tobias Mitter

Space War
Sci-fi Music

Far Away
Celestial Aeon Project

Never Give Up
A Kingdom’s Fall and Rise – Tracks for Games
John Dreamer


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