DSI Files: Unlucky Se7en

Even though my attempts at a full length audio drama of my own making sort of crashed, I was able to help others out. My previous project Approaching Shady Lair was only about 13 minutes total so this was my first full length audio drama and took me to the edge of what my computer could do.

So in spite of what I might consider failure, I was able to produce something of worth and gain more experience as a result.

Director’s Commentary

Project Notes

“Though this has little to do with luck–or the lack thereof, I believe this story deals with (among other things) the consequences of holding on to sin.” -Jaron Belboda Director

In the future there are secret groups of believers sanctioned by the church to investigate and act upon reports of major spiritual occurances. They stand on the line and protect the world from dangers below the heavens and within the shadows. They are the Department of Spiritual Investigations. The D.S.I.
(This audio drama contains content recommended for ages 16 and older.)

Written by Steven “Sash” Scott


Church- Josh Wilson

Valhalla S. L’kye- Morris P. Rungano

Chief- Terry Bruce

Observer- Steven “Sash” Scott

Agent & Pedestrian 2- Brandon Butler

Ms. Mary- Shari Armstrong

Ms. Tulliver & Computer- Al Aseoche

Thug- Russell Scott

Pedestrian 1 & Announcer- Paeter Frandsen

Homer- Jaron Belboda

Music by Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com/m/c/royalty-free), with “How Deep The Father’s Love” produced by Carlton Forrester. (http://CarltonForrester.com)

Sound Effects and Foley by Jaron Dael Belboda and Audio Micro.

Freesound.org effects by-
fogma, RHumphries, m_O_m, Audio Micro, Reinsamba, UncleSigmund, mattew, DJ_Chronos, Suonho, sdfalk, FreqMan, sidadrumbum, JustinBW, HerbertBoland, qubodup, Robinhood76, Arctura, plagasul, roscoetoon, Dynamicell

Produced by Jaron Belboda and Paeter Frandsen

Directed by Jaron Belboda

Image from hdwallpapers.in

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