I am not Dead

It has been sold time since my last post. I feel like I’m forever saying that. I guess life gets busier and busier and well you just tend to forget the blog that’s sitting there waiting to be written. Things have been happening, naturally, a little too fast to write them down…or decide which ones to write down, more accurately. So this year I planned on finishing Marianna and then moving on to something bigger or better. Of course I knew that finishing the script for Marianna was just the beginning. There would still be the multiple revisions, and then comes casting, and recording sessions and editing and editing and all that kind of stuff. All of which I dread– not because I dislike them, I just tend to get impatient with the whole process for some weird reason.

The initial plan was to split the project in half, and the first half was to be completed this October. Well, as it happens I became sick one week before my deadline… that pretty much put an end to all my plans. By the time I got back on my feet, so to speak, I was so fed up that I decided I wasn’t going to touch the thing for a while– in fact I was close to dropping the project completely. But as I began to work more on my music and my terribly neglected YouTube channel more ideas began to come 4 Marianna. So I haven’t given up it just may take longer than I thought before… Again.

If you want to see what I’ve been up to musically go check out my music page on the navigation bar. It’ll be updated more projects become available probably in the form of singles. Anyway that’s it for now, have a good evening, morning, afternoon, or whenever you read this 🙂


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