Well it’s time for another Pilgrim’s Progress 3 update. So I’m on the next chapter. I think I mentioned wanting to do video blogs on Marianna in the future. I probably will at some point. Just need a good place to shoot–which at the moment is not my room. That’s my most major current project, if you will–cleaning my room! lol

But on a literary note…uh…page, Marianna is now about to leave Stupidity. In the next few days she will actually leave and begin her journey to the Wicket Gate and the house of the Interpreter, two locations I’m particularly looking forward to exploring. Before we get there though, and in keeping with the themes of Redemption, Reconciliation, and Renewal Marianna has decided not only to redeem her own time but encourage all her people to do so. So with Great-heart Jr.’s help she sets up a meeting with the group of seekers that meets in the Stupiditarian underground. Her people skills are a little rusty after being out of commission for so long. But once that hurdle is cleared things go pretty smoothly… full blog entry

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