So it’s almost thanksgiving. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been working on school assignments and job hunting and my EP. The road to sustainable self employment is not an overnight one.

Nonetheless I am on it, for better or worse. So this week I want to reflect on the things for which I can remember to be thankful.

I guess this thanksgiving I can be thankful that my first (solo) EP is out.  And though, I’m always somewhat critical of my work, it is a beginning and I am thankful for it. This year has been a challenge. After purchasing a new computer for media production, all my paid media jobs (in succession) fell through, even as I decided to go legit with my production software. (Up until that point I had “borrowed” …that was another time.) So it was hard seeing the money tank go glug, glug, glug! (My immitation of an upside down 5 gallon water jug draining.) It’s like, “Oh man!” am I going to be able to make this months payment?” Thankfully I still live at home so my living is taken care of, but soon I do want to be out on my own. Have my own space and not worry about things disappearing or getting broken if I put them down. lol

But you know what? I have not missed a single monthly payment. I’ve always been able to pay at least minimum or above. And that’s something to be thankful for. Now I did have to sell my piano to help with that, and it is annoying not being able to buy certain things. But I think in the choice between that, and having the bank come after me? I’ll chose financial restraint. =D So with these assurances I can look forward to what God will do, and the job that is waiting…whatever it is.

I’m also thankful for family and friends. I’ve been blessed to have good friends and a loving family. And I want to take that time to be thankful for all the little things I usually take for granted. If you can, I would invite you to join me in that–being thankful for what you do have even the little things.

Alright, I’m out =)

Happy Thanksgiving!


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