Random Mondays

Well it’s another random Monday–at least where I am now =) So last week I took the time to focus on a different form of writing. A presentation. Specifically a PowerPoint presentation (still in my Instagram feed on the side bar). I think I’m getting the hang of doing this after all. It’s funny I started out using PowerPoint with Office 97, and somehow along the way fell out of using PowerPoint as I started focusing more heavily on Word as a writer. Needless to say I had to relearn some things, so I took this opportunity to do that. And it went well, all things considered. It was about cricaseptan rhythms and how important they are to our well being–from a creation perspective. I learned about it during my time in HEALTH from a health perspective, of course, so it was interesting to put a different spin on it.

So it’s a new week, and kind of a let down. I spent a lot of energy building up to the presentation (which I created over the course of 2 days?) Something like that. For an involved presentation that was a crunch, so in the aftermath of that I’m a bit…blah. lol

However I do have a midterm tomorrow which should keep things interesting. And of, course I will continue to write and share. Still trying to think of a topic for this week…I’ve been doing some work on Agents here and there, which might be revealed soon…or I may just do another random scene. We’ll see.


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