Process of Writing: small victories

So this week I was thinking about the small victories of writing. You know, when you set that goal to write 1500 words and our write 1509? Maybe it’s because I just finished the second chapter of Marianna, but it made me think of at least two ways I could take this small victory. I say small because really finishing the second chapter this month after starting the first chapter late last year, could seem kind of slow–at least it does to me. (Maybe I’m a little impatient with myself) But for not writing absolutely every day, I’m pleased that I’ve come this far.

So I could pat myself on the back and “reward” myself with a break. Or I could say, “It’s not finished yet, but I’m closer. Press on!” That’s basically what I’ve decided to do. So almost immediately after finishing, maybe it was the next day, I started working on chapter 3. This used to be hard for me because I felt like I’d used up all my good ideas on my previous work. But I’m determined not to fall for that this year. I will write! And if it’s lame, I’ll delete it and start again! It’s better to write something lame and fix it, than to wait for an incredible idea and not take the steps to get there.

Well that’s all I got. See you next week!


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