Process of Writing: Environment

Having the perfect environment to write in is probably the desire of most writers. A place that’s inspiring, where ideas can flow with no interruption, a place where you can focus only on your writing. Okay–maybe I’m young and idealistic.

You know, I used to think that my perfect writing space was a place free of noise and interruption. Well after over a week of just that, I’ve accomplished either just the same as I would normally, or (gulp) even less. I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked; after all, it takes a while to adjust to quite after being used to…well chaos! I hate to describe it that way, though. Because they are–family. xD

My little sisters love to play (and for some ridiculous reason) fight with each other–and me! lol So the house is rarely quite when they’re awake. If it gets quiet, you need to find out if everything is alright. =)

To give you an idea, I work in my room. Everything, or nearly everything I produce is done from my room. Now the fact that I have a significant amount of professional equipment in my room, means that I have to keep it under lock and key–literally. I actually had to purchase an exterior door lock with a key for my bedroom door, because each of them at one time or another decided it was a good idea, and also their duty, to open my door if I locked it. And as you may know, regular bedroom door knobs actually do pop if you turn them far enough, the mechanism is quite weak. (I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that it is good to respect others privacy, and if a door is locked you should not attempt to damage or break it open eve if you think it cool, or are strong enough to do so! =)

Alright, so after having my room broken into a few times, and finding a scissors dangerously close to my headphone cables I decided to get an exterior door lock… I am now considering and exterior door. (my wooded door can only take so much banging–and by that I mean pounding with fists and various objects.) In time I may want to consider bullet proof glass as well to prevent… no I’m kidding. They aren’t that bad. I love my sisters. And all they really want is my time–all of it! xD

So as you can imaging writing or recording something–anything–can be a challenge. And when it’s quiet like it was this week (because they’re gone) I have to: first adjust to the quiet, and then stop generating my own noise and think. And then hopefully may create something. This week the some of my efforts had been…well nothing. Except peace of mind and a few good edits to a few pre-existing projects. Which is not bad, actually. It’s good to keep a few projects and do them well than to generate extra work and not finish anything. Okay, so this post has been kind of a ramble, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway, and see you guys next week!


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