Monday Randomness ;)

So today is yet another random monday =)


I guess I should consider this progress. The shelf is straight, and things are back in it. The problem is not having a place to put the stuff on the floor–which is while it’s on the floor in the first place. lol

On the less perplexing side, I’m super stoked that my third project is done! USS Sasquatch  is ready for final evaluation by the other producer (I co-produced) and so hopefully very soon I can add that to my projects done list.

The next step will be a sound designer’s commentary, as I didn’t direct this one. So I’m looking forward to that, and then some more projects. I’m still plugging away on Marianna; I was stuck for a few days but I’ve been thinking about it, and I think I know how to get unstuck–write! lol But seriously I’ve figured out where I’m going as far as transitions.  Alright, I’m gonna hop back on it!

Laterz =)


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