Monday Randomness (returns)

So I guess I’ve been good two weeks instead of one. Not my intention by any stretch. But it happened. I got an equipment upgrade, then turned to the yeah of cleaning out my room. Using to get this look back. lol


Better than that, actually. For several years my clothes had been stored on that table with the laptop on it. After graduation, I came back home and decided I wanted something new. Since I’ve been planning on expanding my studio space, I decided to dethrone my clothes, as it were, and use table as a computer desk. Good plan…but that also meant my clothes were stuffed in a basket (which overflowed onto the floor around it) for months. As you can imagine, it was hard to keep them filed folded–and even to find some of them after a while. (There was other stuff in that corner too lol) Finally one of these little guys convinced me it was time to change that arrangement 🙂


Now that one’s actually dead–I couldn’t get a picture of the one I found on my window sill. It looked like a baby wolf. So anyways, if you know me you know that I hate bugs in my space. So I tried to smash it with my shoe, or slipper, or whatever I happened to be wearing that day. (I believe this was last week.) Well I missed, and the thing fell behind my bookcase… And right next to my bookcase was the like of clothes and the last thing you want in the clothes is a spider. So I cleaned out that corner: folded all the clothes, and got rid of the other miscellaneous stuff. (You know I think that’s the first time in years I’ve spelled that entire word out! Miscellaneous 😁) Anyway I never did find the little bugger, but I was able to find my ties and a belt that had mysteriously disappeared. And now my clothes fit into two baskets… The rest being work clothes which after stored outside in proper containers. So now to take that same table which looks now looks like this:


As you can see, the computer has been crowded out and the second shelf has decided it wants to become a bow. But since computers don’t take kindly to being shot like arrows, it think it may have to give up it’s dream. So once that area’s done I should, should have a more pleasant space to work in. But I’m energized! I like the way it’s turning out so far and I look forward to the finished look. Of course, I’ve been planning to do this since around the beginning of this year, but it took a spider to get me started. Can’t complain ☺ Though a word of advice, if you have a mess that needs cleaning, don’t let a spider be your motivation–get it done! It improves your mood to have an orderly room. I wish I’d started sooner!

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