Random 29

So nothing really significant about this post’s title other than today’s date–at least today where I am. I like social experiments, I like social topics, I enjoy watching people and observing and reproducing. That’s essentially what my writing is…a reproduction of real or imagined scenarios always informed by what I observe.

I especially like dealing with relationships between people; and maybe it’s because of my age but boy-girl relationships are the most fun. Not too sappy, but I like to explore it in my stories. The other day on facebook, one of my friends proposed and interesting question. Can a boy and a girl be best friends? It was actually a picture which said to “like” if yes and “comment” if no. Well first I commented, and then I liked. So another friend asked if I was saying yes and no at the same time…and maybe I was…sort of.

Actually I’ve heard from many different places that it’s impossible. You cannot be just friends, and best friends is…well…more than impossible! At the same time I believe it is possible. It’s like inception–hard, but it is possible. (maybe not the best analogy, but it’s what came to mind) It occurs to me that we as young people tend to move too fast and so miss out on rewarding relationships, ending up with a broken heart instead. At least, that’s what I’ve observed. I’ve done it, for goodness sake! lol Best friends with a girl; not really an aspiration of mine but it did happen… and I’m glad it did. I should probably mention that it’s easier if you both friend zone each other–at the same time! Is that what happened with me? idk

What I do know for sure is that when I get “the feels,” the tingles, the butterflies, the curiosity, I don’t just jump for it. And while I’ve been accused of having cold feet (I do, and I’m working on it) I think things wouldn’t have turned out the way they did if I’d been in a hurry to push things to another (some see it as the only) level. I should also, probably, mention that I’m almost certain this (being best friends with the os) only works once per lifetime. lol

But I can’t prove it. Having done it only once. And since I believe that we have only one lifetime on this earth, the the gravity/humor of that statement becomes more apparent. I’m philosophizing, I don’t know everything. But I thought it was in interesting discussion, and I thought “you know what? I’m gonna tuck this away for later. This sounds like a good topic or plot point for my characters to explore. And as I learn more I will probably have a better idea…’cause I’m not sure you can actually get a handle on human interaction. We tend to surprise–in my limited experience. (I really like caveats, don’t I?) Anyway, this has been my not so normal random post! xD


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