Monday on Wednesday

So I missed my regular random Monday post (aka Monday randomness) but I have a good reason. I’ve been busy “scuba diving.” And what I mean by that is flooding my mind with information. It’s like one of those OCD moments where you’re just going and can’t seem to stop. But anyway, productive things have happened as a result. I’m getting some scene ideas for both Agents and Marianna at the same time–which is rare but welcome.

And I have finally been able to publish the Seasons EP on Noise Trade.

Noise Trade is a community that helps young struggling artists…no just kidding. But what it does do, is help people who are starting out get some exposure, and potential fans to download albums for free and leave a tip for the artist. It’s been a little frustrating getting it up because it just wouldn’t publish the first 3 tries or so, but now I’m so happy it’s up I’m posting here as well as the seasons official site! lol

So that’s my biggest announcement of the week. I’m about to go and work on Marianna, or hanging out clothes in the sunshine. We’ll see which one wins first place. Other than that, I’ll hopefully get another random scene to share and make up for missing the regular Monday Randomness. But until then, enjoy your day!


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