Process of Writing: reshaping characters part 2

So I finished another scene with my main villain. Not sure where it’s going but I still have him as working things from the behind the scenes, but like I said last week, no one introduces him. He just shows up. And this time around we get to see his interaction with the heroes.


(walks back to Great-heart) Who I work for is unimportant. I am the presence she can sense but not resist, I am that nameless fear that haunts her, I am that one that will be satisfied once she’s sealed beyond the grave, I keep her here at all costs.


(suddenly realizes) Caluvaar!


(smirks) Took you long enough.


I know your reputation


Well then you will do as I say and stay away from Marianna.


I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you on that one, Caluvaar.


You misunderstand me, Great-heart. You have no choice.

So that’s idea, he’s kind of cryptic and edgy and you’re not sure what he is. But he’s definitely creepy, and some sort of assassin. Also this week I’ve been thinking of revisiting the Agents series, I left off at chapter three? I think. And since I’ve been working on a prequel to Hardwired along side Marianna, I thought I should go ahead and finish up Hardwired. So I’m thinking sometime next month of posting the next chapter of Hardwired–which is a challenge because I haven’t written it yet. But hopefully this will again push me to not try to present the most perfect, most amazing product, but to do my best and tell my story. So that’s my next goal because Marianna is not a story I’m sharing in it’s entirety on here, and I definitely feel more alive in story world than philosophy mode. So we’ll see! =)



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