Process of Writing: reshaping characters part 1

I think I’ve touched on this before. But it’s been on my mind again as I was writing this week. Maybe it’s because I started so young and note my perspective has grown, or maybe I’m just a perfectionist with a fickle sense of accomplishment. Whatever the reason I’ve been revisiting and changing characters since day one of this rewrite.

I started with Rachael by making her more mature and caring, and with Marianna by making her more vulnerable and damaged. This week I’ve been revisiting one of the villains I created–a nemesis if you will, who works from behind the scenes to make life difficult. At least that was the idea…as was the idea that he wasn’t human. This time around I’m redefining the character, not so much by what I at about him, but what I don’t say. Originally I had this conversation (a few actually) between two of the protagonists (heroes) explain who he was, how he came to be there, and what he intended to do. He was sheet of motivated by revenge in that version.

This time around he just happens to be there. I wish I could say I planned this out months in advance, but I didn’t. It was not instinctive than anything else it just for with the test of the story. And while I don’t completely explain what he is, and how he got there, I think what he says and how he acts does a better job of telling that story.

To be continued…

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