Summer Approaches!


Life kind of takes over in the summer. Yesterday I was attempting to do some  “Spring cleaning,” or in my case organizing of my room–which is now a crowd. In the end, the time went to trimming the grass to prevent the weeds in our front yard from planting their seeds and becoming more prolific during the warmer months. It took longer than I thought!

Then I had a big scare because, I forgot to check the status of my jury summons and yesterday was the day listed on the summons as the day I was supposed to appear! Personally I want to avoid being arrested lol

I was relieved when I checked the service and discovered that my group was on hold and I should check tonight. (I’m also writing this here so I can remember!) On the bright side of creativity, I have finished my audio commentary for DSI Files: Unlucky Seven. I’ve been planning an audio commentary for some time, and decided to do it on the Files. I was going to do one on approaching Shady Lair, but decided it would be more fun if I could include my friends who helped with the project. Anyways, I completed the directors commentary for DSI Files and I should have it up on the projects page soon. Also, I’ve learned about an option that will help me get Seasons EP released soon so I’ll be checking that out. (more info at:

Hopefully tomorrow, or sometime today I will get back to writing on either Marianna or Agents, those things have kind of taken the back burner this past week or so. Spring has sprung, allergies are over! lol I’m looking forward to a bright and active summer =)


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