Process of Writing: writer’s block

I hate this subject. Not that I hate talking about it–I hate experiencing it. Hate is a strong word, isn’t it? I strongly dislike writer’s block–or in my case the fear of writing something lame! lol

I think it was a couple weeks ago I talked about not writing and how it helps to view a project with fresh eyes. While I still believe that, I find it frustrating when my reason for not writing is writers block. I know where I want to go, but the words just don’t sound cool enough! As I learned from researching, there are several cures to writers block.

As funny as this is, most of these points are pretty accurate. (I just need to remember them.) In fact some of my best scenes, imo, have been created while I was outside working. Granted I was cutting grass and wearing a mask, so it wasn’t exactly fresh air. Though it was physical movement and not as hard on the eyes as staring at a computer screen! lol  But there’s another thing I learned, was just write! Even if it’s lame, you can fix it later–more or less. Not hesitant much? lol So this week and…let me commit to it! From now on! xD From now on, I’m going to try to write anyway even if it feels lame. The fact is, if I have unusable scenes for the project I’m working on they can come in handy later. I’ve seen this before with past projects, but it was good to be reminded.

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