Random Scene Post: Marianna (Originals)

This week’s random Monday post is kind of a throw back. I realize it’s terribly cruel to throw all these scenes out at you guys without any real context, but…well…I can’t give away all my secrets. Not all at once, anyway. lol I say all that to say that this scene is from the incredibly imaginative, and wildly confusing version of Pilgrim’s Progress Part 3 that I had created as a teenager, about 4 years ago. To be fair, I left part of Scene 6 because, well, quite honestly my understanding of writing and relationships between characters was…well something I’m not ready to share yet! xD Perhaps someday after I’ve finished My new (and hopefully final) version of Marianna (aka Pilgrim’s Progress 3) I will share some more of the back ground an history of my work. In the meantime, please enjoy this random excerpt my old drafts =)



Scene #5


(Paul and Faith are still flying. They are now over just outside Stupidity)


Paul:   Well, here we are.


Faith:   Yes. The town looks like a big snow castle. At least it’s not snowing now.


Paul:   Yes but the question remains: How are we going to get in without being seen?


Faith:   Did Michael say anything about secrecy?


Paul:   No, but he didn’t have to. Think of it, Faith. Caluvaar’s tried to kill us. Now, if we show up again, whole and alive, doesn’t it stand to reason that he might try to complete his um….unfinished business?


Faith:   Oh, yeah. I forgot about that. So how are we supposed to get in? Could we use the tunnel?


(He turns the Jet-car towards the entrance of their tunnel.)


Paul:   A brilliant idea! Let’s… (gasp!)


Faith:   (she catches her breath) Where did this lake come from? (amazed)


Paul:   (stunned) I don’t know.  But you can be sure Caluvaar is behind this.


Faith:   Or maybe someone worse like the Double Nemesis.


Paul:   Hm, could be.


Faith:   Do you think the whole tunnel is full of water?


Paul:   I think not. As a recall the tunnel slopes upwards quite steeply from the entrance. It would be impossible to fill the tunnel unless you pumped the water into it.


Faith:   But how will that help us?


Paul:   Well, let me land on the lake first.


Faith:   On the lake? But…


Paul:   Remember I said these new Jet-cars have more features? Say! I have a better idea—let’s land in the lake! It’s not quite frozen yet.


(Paul pushes a button on the control panel and the Jet-car transforms into a submarine and crashes into the lake with a big splash!)


Paul:   There! Isn’t this great?


Faith:   Yes, Honey, but we didn’t come to play with our new toy, if you know what I mean. Where’s the tunnel entrance?


Paul:   Mmm… (he turns the sub round n’ round) …uh, right there.


(He stops turning and speeds towards it.)


Faith:   Honey, not so fast!


Paul:   Sorry, Baby, time is of essence. We have five minutes left. Hold on tight!


Narrator:   They entered the tunnel entrance at 80 miles an hour and found it to be filled with water. They were jostled horribly about as Paul turned, spun and swerved to miss various obstacles. Suddenly without warning their Jet-car rocketed out of the water and into the empty air of tunnel so high that it nearly scraped the ceiling.


Faith:   Whoa!


Jet-car Auto pilot:   Landing gear deployed. Reverting to supercar configuration.


Faith:   What?


(The Jet-car hits the tunnel floor with a thud that echoes through to the shop.)


Paul:   It’s back in its normal mode as a car. Hold on tight, Babe.


(The Jet-car lurches forward. As it is electric, there is no sound of an engine—just the crunching and grinding of the all terrain tires on the tunnel’s gravely floor.)


Paul:   How much time do we have?


Faith:   Um, four minutes. (concerned) Uh, Honey, do we really have to go so fast? There are corners, you know.


Paul:   Ah, but this thing happens to corner very well at 60 miles an hour.


(Just then he takes a sharp turn to the right.)


Faith:   Ugh! (jolted) I sure hope so.







Scene #6


(They round the last corner and come to the place where they had stopped to rest when carrying the large box.)


Paul:   Welcome to the hanger!


(He slams on the brakes, the Jet-car skids and thuds to a stop in the “hanger”)


Faith:   Ugh! (jolted) That was quite a ride.


(Paul pushes a few buttons on the control panel and the hanger lifts them up off the tunnel floor.)


Paul:   Indeed. How much time do we have?


Faith:   Uh, one minute and thirty seconds.


Paul:   Perfect. We should be in the control room right at seven o’ clock. Five hours before midnight.


Faith:   Good. (relieved) This hanger as you call it looks new.


Paul:   I put it in shortly before we left.


(Just then the hanger stops in the parking section in the back of the Three-hearts Shop control room.)


Paul:   Well, this is it! We can get out now.


(The canopy of the cockpit slides open and disappears back into the space made for it behind the seats.)


Faith:   (sigh of relief) Thank the LORD!


Paul:   Amen.


(They both stretch and then climb out of the cockpit.)


Faith:   Well, I guess we’ll have to unpack later.


Paul:   Right. We should be getting to those monitors.


Faith:   Let me get my note book.


(Faith pulls out her note book and Guidebook while Paul walks over to the security monitors and looks as they were instructed.)


Scene #7


Narrator:   As the five of them knelt in prayer, Dawn, Hope, Destiny, Jael and Ariel, were making their way to the shop through the crowded streets with their shipment of weapons. Marianna’s Inn was quite near to Three-hearts Shop, being at the end of the street on which the shop was located. Since the snowstorm had stopped, the marketplace had been reopened, the people had come out of their homes and the children were playing in the snow. Hope and Dawn were carrying one box and Destiny and Jael another, while Ariel carried a smaller box.


(Crowds of people milling about, horse drawn sleighs making their way through the crowds and the sisters trying to get through with their parcels.)


Dawn:   Excuse me. (ugh!) Excuse me. Pardon me.


Townsperson:   Oh, sorry Ma’am.


Warcraft:    Say, what’s in those boxes? (a bit sly)


Jael:   It’s none of your business. ‘Scuse me. (brusquely)


Warcraft:   Hey! Hey, hey, hey. Not so fast young lady, don’t you know who I am? (trying to persuade her to talk without being too obvious)


Jael:   It doesn’t matter. Excuse me. (firmly)


Warcraft:   Hold on, little one! Why won’t you tell me what you’re doing?


Jael:   Orders! (exasperated)


Destiny:   Jael! (scolding) You promised.


Jael:   Oh-no. (horror)


Warcraft:   (understanding/ sly) Ah, orders. Orders from the great Lion, I suppose?


Destiny:   What Lion?


(Ariel drops her box and advances on Warcraft. Dawn and Hope continue on and take their box inside the shop.)


Warcraft:   Why, the Lion of the tribe…


Ariel:   You got a quarrel with my sister? (ready for a fight)


Warcraft:   Maybe. But what are you going to do about it? Stick out your tongue?


Ariel:   Very funny. I can do a lot better than that with this sword.


(She unhooks her sword from its quick-release latch.)


Warcraft:   (laugh) How old are you?


Destiny:   Don’t tell him, Ariel.


Warcraft:   Ah, but you should. You know what I could do if you don’t?


(Ariel says nothing and stares into his eyes.)


Warcraft:   You look at me coldly. But soon, with a few swishes of my saber, you will wear a different face. (threateningly)


Destiny:   Pardon me.


(Destiny makes her way through the crowd to a snow a pile of freshly plowed snow and starts making snowballs.)


Kalvyn:  Oh, that’s quite alright.


Ariel:   Say what you want, Mr. Warcraft, but I’m not going to tell you my age; and if you want to fight me you’d better get a real sword!


Warcraft:   Nonsense! How did you know my name, Ariel?


Ariel:   How’d you know mine?


Warcraft:   (sly) Ooo, you’re a tough one. (chuckle) Let’s see how tough you are against my saber.


Jael:   No!


Narrator:   Jael threw herself between him and Ariel, but Warcraft knocked her out with one punch, quite oblivious to the fact that Destiny was returning with an armful snowballs ready to throw at him. He drew his saber and gathered up close to Ariel.


Ariel:  Jael! Oh, Destiny where are you! (trembling)


Warcraft:   And now, little one, do you have anything to say before I kill you and confiscate your boxes?


(Ariel trembles but says nothing.)


Warcraft:   Alright…!


(Destiny throws her first snowball and hits Warcraft square in the face.)


Warcraft:   Ah! (surprise)


Kalvyn:   Bravo! Bravo!


Warcraft:   (growl of frustration)


Kalvyn:   Hand one of those snowballs.


Destiny:  Here.


Warcraft:   Oh, yuck! Stopped by a snowball. Well there’ll be no more of that.


Narrator:   So saying he wiped the snow out of his eyes and lowered his visor, not realizing of course, that this was all in all the worst thing he could do. For snow could not only get into the eyeholes for the visor, but also collect inside his helmet and cause increased discomfort.


Warcraft:   And now, Ariel Great-grace you shall…


Kalvyn:   Hah!


(Lord Kalvyn slings a snowball full force into the left eye hole of Warcraft’s visor.)


Warcraft:   Ah! (startled) My lord! Surely you don’t mean to play a girl’s game! (infuriated/mocking)


Kalvyn:   Not hard enough, eh? Very well, I shall make my own.


(Kalvyn stoops, and very quickly and skillfully packs together a snowball.)


Kalvyn:  There we go. Take that!


(He throws again this time at the right eyehole)


Warcraft:   Ahhhhhh! My lord! (very angry)


Kalvyn:   Titus! Jonathan! Follow up!


Titus & Jonathan:   Yes sir.


(Titus and Jonathan continue pelting Warcraft with snowballs.)


Kalvyn:   Alright, Destiny let’s see about your sisters.


Destiny:   How did you know my name?


Kalvyn:   I’ve been expecting you. Someone by the name of Michael told me you would be coming.


Destiny:   Michael! (surprised)


Kalvyn:   Hush, hush! Not so loud. Caluvaar’s agents are everywhere; they may try to stop you. I believe that fellow was one of them.


(Hope and Dawn return and start to pick up the box Destiny and Jael were carrying.)


Hope:   What’s going on?


Kalvyn:   Oh, hi, ladies. Oh, I’ll get that. You carry Ariel’s box.


Ariel:  You can’t do that.


Kalvyn:   It’s best. You ride on my back, little lady.


(She climbs on his back and he picks up the box.)


Kalvyn:   There. Well? Are the rest of you coming?


Dawn:   Where to?


Kalvyn:   Why, to the shop! Three-hearts Shop.


Dawn:   Oh, certainly.


Hope:   Come on, Destiny, let’s carry Jael.


Destiny:   Alright.


Kalvyn:   Guards! Make sure we aren’t molested.


Guards:   Yes, my Lord.


(They make their way through the crowd into Marianna’s Inn.)

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