DSI Files: Unlucky Se7en

Okay, so this isn’t my usual post, but I believe it was last week that I mentioned how ASL (Approaching Shady Lair) has led to some rewarding experiences. This is one of them. My first full length audio drama released in late 2011  for the Spirit Blade Underground Alliance. Now I can’t share the script because I didn’t write it, but I can do better.

For the record, I really didn’t get some of the references in this story, I’m not too versed in geek lingo, but I think I got the gist of it. My main takeaway was that this story was about the consequences of holding on to sin, and that’s how I dealt with it. =)

To date, this is my best released audio work. I did the sound design, and even had cameo. I have another one coming out hopefully soon, and I’ll probably post that as soon as I am able. These productions are released under a creative commons license and can be distributed freely if they are not sold. Well hope you enjoy!


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