Random Scene Post: ASL – Speeder Crash

And of course, what story is complete without some action? Like a landspeeder crash! Okay that’s not the only thing that happens in this scene but it’s certainly the most dramatic–and probably one of the main reasons I lost support for the project–it was just too fantastical! lol Anyway, for your enjoyment–or lack thereof. xD



Scene #2.5

(Jehu is thumping watermelons while Amos is choosing dried fruit.)

Amos:   So exactly what are we looking for?

(Jehu continues thumping)

Jehu:   (mumbles) No not that one.

Amos:   Mr. Jehu. (trying to get him back to the present)

Jehu:   Huh? (still not quite there)

Amos:   What are we looking for?

Jehu:   Ah, yes let’s takes this one.

Amos:   Okay.

Jehu:   (sighs) I’m sorry, Amos. What were you asking?

Amos:   (confidential tone) What kind of intelligence are we looking for?

Jehu:   (softly)   Closer.

(Amos comes nearer)

Jehu:   Information on exactly where Warcraft’s base is, and how we might get into it.

Amos:   That’s it?

Jehu:   Well we have to get in first to disable the “beasts.”

Amos:   I’m guessing that won’t be a permanent solution.

Jehu:   No, but it should last long enough so we can get more done with our… (there is a noise and he looks about him) …our business.

Amos:   Business?

Jehu:   Of course. The one your mother started back in Stupidity and which Paul and I have been involved in for some time.

Amos:   Ah.

Fruit seller:   Gentleman.

(They cry out being startled. Not too loud—they’re men after all.)

Fruit seller:   Oh, I’m sorry. It’s just that if you’re not going to buy anything, I’d just as soon see you on your way. No loitering.

Jehu:   Oh, we’re buying; we were just discussing.

Fruit seller:   That’s an awfully long time to discuss melons.

Amos:  Yes, well, you see the quality of melons for us is a very important thing, requiring some serious delineation.

Fruit seller: What? (bewildered)

Amos:   What I mean is we want to make sure they’re completely…

Jehu:   (sees where this is headed) Spare it, Amos, just give him his money.

Amos:   Yes sir.

(Amos pays the fruit seller)

Jehu:   He can go on and on with these things.

Fruit seller:   I can tell. You have an enjoyable day, Mister….uh….uh…

Jehu:   I’m just traveler.

Fruit seller:   Mm! Uh, Mister…uh…Traveler.

(He turns back to tending his stands.)

(In the foreground)

Amos:   Where to next?

Jehu:   Wait! Let’s listen for a moment.

Amos:   Why?

Jehu:   Keep your voice down!

(Somewhat in the background)

Fruit seller:   Ah! Sir, what would you like?

Shopper:   Um, I’d like some of these pears.

Fruit seller:    Ah, very good, sir! How much?

Shopper:   Uh, two dozen. That will be…?

Fruit seller:   Ten Star.

(In the foreground)

Amos:  I see he deals in Stars

Jehu:   Aye.

(Somewhat in the background)

Shopper:   Alright. (fumbles around for his money bag)

Fruit Seller:   Excuse me a moment.

Shopper:   Sure. (The shopper continues looking for his wallet, muttering to himself in frustration.)

(In the foreground)

(Jehu adjusts his communicator.)

Amos:   What are you doing?

Jehu:   Sonic intensifier. Wait a minute.

(Jehu patches Amos in; the fruit seller comes into the foreground through their earpieces)

Fruit seller:   Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?

Garbled voice:   Yes.

Fruit seller:   They’re here.

Garbled voice:   What?

Fruit seller:   The guys you described to me are here.

Garbled voice:   Ugh! I knew this would happen. Right after they destroyed X59.

(Jehu and Amos express their interest at hearing the name of the dismantled beast. Not too loud.)

Fruit seller:   Yeah, those pill bugs are clever. So what do you want me to do with the source?

Garbled voice:   Bring it to the mall, I will meet you there.

Fruit seller:   But isn’t that where the other two are?

Garbled voice:   Just do as I told you.

Fruit seller:   Right.

Amos:   Uh-oh.

Jehu:   Yeah, looks like we leave early. (disables the intensifier.) Come.

(The begin to leave)

Amos:   Why did that guy’s voice sound so weird?

Jehu:   It’s the thingy they talk into. It garbles up their voice so we can’t know exactly who it is.

Amos:   Ah.

Jehu:   Oh, and we should warn Paul and Asahel.

Amos:   May I do it?

Jehu:   Not here. The signal won’t reach them. We have to move out further until there’s a green light…


Meanwhile under the ground…


(They’ve just finished loading the speeder.)

Paul:   Well, that it’s from this shop.

(They both lift a heavy parcel into the speeder.)

Asahel:   What is all this stuff?

Paul:   It’s wood.

Asahel:   Well yeah, I know that. But what is it for?

Paul:   For our training regimen. Come on!

Asahel:   Coming.

Paul:   Oh, do stop looking about, Asahel, you look paranoid.

Asahel:   Jehu said to gather intelligence.

(They put on their harnesses.)

Paul:   Yes, but he didn’t say to look like it. You have learned the ways of the cat, now I must show you the ways of the human.

Asahel:   (giggles)

Paul:   (smiles) I did the same thing when father said that to me. Then I learned that he meant exactly what he said.

(Paul pulls away from the shop.)

Asahel:   So where’s our next stop?

Paul:   Up ahead three blocks, see?

Asahel:   It looks like a dead end.

Paul:   At the end of which is a shop, Marcus Lucas.

Asahel:  Is that your brother’s shop?

Paul:   He and a friend, yes.

(Paul’s communicator rings; he opens the channel.)

Paul:   Jehu.

Jehu:   Paul, I think we’ve been found out.

Paul:   Are you positive?

Jehu:   As much as we can be. The fruit seller was conversing with someone from the base, and he mentioned us.

Paul:   Did he, now?

Jehu:   Paul, it’s no laughing matter.

(Switch to Jehu’s perspective)

Paul:   I’m not laughing, bro.

Jehu:  I know, but you don’t seem to be taking me seriously. They’re moving the source to the mall, whatever that means. But I don’t think they plan on letting us go.

Paul:   Oh, they may.

Jehu:   Yes, but finding out will take time I don’t want to waste getting caught if they don’t.

Paul:   Agreed. Things could get really ugly.

(Switch to Paul’s perspective in mid-sentence.)

Jehu:   Yes, so you’ll need to wrap up whatever it is you’re doing as soon as possible.

Paul:   Alright. Junior out.

(Paul closes the channel and accelerates.)

Asahel:   What are you doing?

Paul:   Wrapping up.

Asahel:   But don’t you think we should turn around like right now?

Paul:   There’s something urging me to check out this shop.

Asahel:   But it’s empty.

Paul:   So it is. Hm.

Asahel:   Do you think they closed up for the day?

Paul:   Not likely. Hang on!

(Paul pulls in at high speed, coming to stop just inches from the wall.)

Asahel:   AH! (cringing) I don’t know how Faith deals with you.

Paul:   (amused) You should see her driving.

Asahel:   Oh, brother.

(He powers the transport down and they climb out.)

Asahel:   There’s no one inside. Do you think it’s safe?

Paul:   Let’s have a look.

(They go in through the door.)

Paul:   Well, well. (Whistles and the lights turn on.)

Asahel:   That’s how you turn on the lights?

Paul:   Uh, Marcus is quite eccentric.

Asahel:   I didn’t know he liked spider web patterns on his windows.

Paul:   I don’t think he does.

(The glass suddenly shatters)

Asahel:   (gives a startled cry) I guess that explains the spider webs.

Paul:   (whips around) Indeed.

Asahel:   Why would the glass be cracked?

Paul:   Well uh…Ah! Look here.

Asahel:   Rocks. Somebody hit the windows but they didn’t shatter

Paul:   Until now.

Asahel:   I wonder how it happened.

Paul:   Not sure. Maybe there’s some sort of… (There is a distant crash/rumble) …uh-oh.

Asahel:   What?

Paul:   Do you hear that?

(The distant sound becomes more distinguishable as the sound of a speeder.)

Asahel:   Sounds like a speeder.

Asahel:   Hey… (She moves to the window and looks out) …It’s Jehu!

Paul:   (joins her) It sure is. He’s coming through!

Asahel:   Isn’t he gonna brake?

Paul:   I don’t think so, duck!

(They throw themselves down behind the counter as the speeder crashes through the front display window of the shop. It hits the ground and Jehu and Amos tumble out.)

Amos and Jehu:   (Cough for a few seconds)

Paul:   Jehu, subtlety isn’t a part of your procedure these days is it?

Asahel:   Yeah, why don’t you learn to use your brakes!

Jehu:   (coughs) It was just an accident.

Amos:   (coughs) Oh!

Paul:   What happened to you two?

Jehu:   Well, let’s just say got a little too close to Warcraft’s base. They don’t take kindly to nosey strangers.

Paul:   Now I’m wondering if you take yourself seriously.

Jehu:   What do you mean?

Paul:   Well, earlier you said they…

Amos:   Guys there’s no time! Our enemies are onto us.

(As he speaks the sound of a charging speeder becomes pronounced)

(Jehu takes a look.)

Jehu:   Ah, they’ll be here any minute. Quick out the back!

Amos/Asahel:   Right/Okay.

(Amos and Asahel head for the front.)

Paul:  Hey, where are you two going?

Asahel:   What about our supplies in the undamaged speeder?

Amos:   And our shoes!

Paul:   We’ll have to get them another time.

Amos:   But the shoes!

Jehu:   Oh, we’ll just have to carry you, I suppose.

Paul:   Yeah, come on!

Amos:   Alright… (he trips over something) …Oh. Oh! (triumphant)

Jehu:   What?

Amos:   I found our hard-sole boots! (he picks them up) They must have flown out when we crashed.

Jehu:   Excellent!

Amos:   Here.

(He hands her the pair that fits her.)

Asahel:   Thanks.

Paul:   (off; calls) Come on guys!

Jehu:  (calls) Coming!

Amos:   Alright, come on.

(They quickly slip out the back door into an escape tunnel. Just in the nick of time too, for their enemies arrive.)

Warcraft:   Secure the perimeter.

Soldier:   Yes sir!

Warcraft:   Well, well. Look what they left here.

Captain:   A wrecked speeder?

Warcraft:   No!

Captain:   Weapons? Ammunition? Medical supply?

Warcraft:   Hardly. (he opens a bag)

Captain:   Construction supplies? (bewildered)

Warcraft:   Yes. Which means young Mr. Great-heart was going to set up training school.

Captain:   But he can’t do that now.

Warcraft:  Hm, I wouldn’t be so certain.

(There is a noise from deep inside the shop)

Captain:   What’s that?

Warcraft:   (frustrated) It is the sound of a Great-heart escape.

Captain:   But that’s impossible! Marcus didn’t show us any blueprints for escape mechanisms when he built this shop.

Warcraft:   Fool! He didn’t need to—there was already a tunnel on the property before he built the place. All he needed to do was to “setup shop.”

Captain:   Shall we go after them?

Warcraft:   And risk being shut down by another member of their party? No, give my friend the heads up. He’ll take care of them.

Captain:   Yes sir!

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