Random Scene Post: Approaching Shady Lair

So last week I threw out the idea that I might be sending more random scene posts your way. And today I’m doing just that! Today’s excerpt is from a story that has given me much grief, and on the flip side much reward =D

Not to go all movie trailer on you, but this story has been close to my heart as one of the more fun sort of light yet somewhat intelligent attempts I’ve made at producing an audio drama. Approaching Shady Lair (ASL). I could say a lot of things about it, but I’ll let this random scene speak for itself =)


Scene #2

(Jehu and Amos enter the market above ground)

Amos:   Jehu, sir.

Jehu:   Yes?

Amos:   Do you think we could get some of these shoes?

Jehu:   Which ones?

Amos:   (takes them off the stand) These.

Jehu:   (comes over and takes a look) Hm, hard-sole. Yes, I believe these would serve us well. Two pairs!

Amos:  Don’t we all need them?

Jehu:   Paul and I have hard soles built into our Jerusalem Steel boots—the whole shoe is reinforced with steel.

Amos:   Ah.

Jehu:   Let’s checkout.

Shopkeeper:   Ah, Mr. Jehu!

Jehu:   Hello, Mikus.

Shopkeeper:   Growing tender souls these days, eh? (chuckles)

Jehu:   We need these shoes for the ridge.

Shopkeeper:   Ah, yes. Horse Nail Ridge, that’s a killer.

Jehu:   Yeah.

(The shopkeeper rings them up)

Shopkeeper:   That will be 20 Crescent Moons.

(Jehu opens his money holder and brings out 40 stars)

Shopkeeper:  40 Stars?

Jehu:   Aye.

Shopkeeper:   You know you really should keep up with the currencies, man. It’ll save you having to dish out so much capital.

Jehu:   It’s all the same in your purse.

Shopkeeper:   (laughs) Quite.



Meanwhile outside the shop….


Asahel:   What are we doing?

Paul:   Selecting one of these speeders.

Asahel:   But these are mini transports.

Paul:   Aye. These are our shopping carts. Aha! Let’s take this one.

Asahel:   Shopping carts…we’re going shopping?

Paul:   (jumps in) Didn’t Jehu say that? Gen 5’s are my favorite. (puts the harness on)

Asahel:   Well yes, but I didn’t think we were doing a lot shopping.

Paul:   How small do you think our family is? Hop in!

Asahel:   Why did…

Paul:   No, no, there is no why! Get in.

(Asahel sighs, puts her hands on the side of the cockpit and jumps in using her arms to help.)

Paul:   Don’t forget the harness.

Asahel:  Right. (I knew that)

(She puts the harness on)

Paul:   Alright, this is where the fun begins!

(He reverses abruptly jarring her and then takes off towards a dark archway.)

Asahel:   Where are we going?

Paul:   The Underground Mall. Surely you’ve heard of it.

Asahel:   Yes. But I didn’t realize it was actually underground.

Paul:   Of course, you were all excited about shopping and could care less where it is.

Asahel:   No I wasn’t.

Paul:   But what girl wouldn’t want to look at all the clothes, shoes, knacks, jewels.

Asahel:   Now I know you’re kidding me.

Paul:   (laughs) Did I miss anything?

Asahel:   Fingernail polish.

Paul:   Oh, I couldn’t mention that! I like Faith’s green nails.

Asahel:   What?

Paul:   I’m joking, Asahel.

Asahel:   Oh.

Paul:   You know it’s her eyes that are green.

Asahel:   Yeah.

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