Random Scene Post: Agents

This is one of my more unsterilized scenes. And certainly not complete. I haven’t attempted to place this anywhere in particular, but I think it’s likely that this happened after the events of Hardwired. I wanted to get a feel for what Mia was like aside form having wrecked Jason’s car and being a singer. Of course, there’s a reason why she’s the way she is, and scenes like this have helped me to shape her story arch accordingly. So for what it’s worth, please enjoy my random agents scene. -J


The sound was unexpected. A sharp knocking at the door. Mia glanced up from her book. It wasn’t time for the caretakers to come. She had purposely chosen this safe house because it was in between rotations. The knock sounded again somehow seeming  sinister.

With a sigh, Mia laid her book down on the sofa and cautiously approached the door. She looked through the peep hole; 8 or 10 armed men stood outside. “Welcoming committee.” Mia said softly to herself, as she unlocked the door and threw it open. As she expected the first man grabbed her by the throat and put a gun to her head, pushing her inside. The others entered quickly, shutting the door behind them, and began to ransack the cupboards.

“Is this all you’ve got?” The leader asked her when the were done. Mia indicated that he needed to loosen his grip on her neck if he expected her to speak. He did. “Have you tried the cellar?” She asked, coughing a little.”

“Yes, ” the man returned with an air of annoyance. “And it was just as empty as your cupboards. ”

“Sorry Bro.” Mia shrugged. The man seized her by her blouse, “You wouldn’t be hiding any secret stashes from me, would you missy?”

Maybe it was the way he pushed her into the wall, or maybe it was his overly quick tempered manner that gave it away. Whatever the reason Mia knew that the gig was up. He was definitely going to kill her now unless she did something. “Well when you put it that way,” She replied calmly.

“I knew it!” The man rasped. “Tell me where it is!”

Mia remained calm. “I’ll show you.”

“Do you think I’m stupid? Do you think I don’t know you have this place booby trapped?” He bristled. “Tell me where it is!”

She shook her head.  “I’ll show you.”

The man was furious. “You’re not in a position to make demands, you little #@$%&!”

Instead of getting mad, Mia laughed a little (to her own surprise). “Trust me it’s better that I show you.”

The man calmed himself a bit, to assume a more threatening manner. “I don’t have time for your games. You’re just trying to buy time so you can trap us. Now you’re gonna tell me where you keep your food, or this gun’s going up your $%!@.

She grimaced slightly. “That sounds painful.”

The man gave her a motion of “Well?!”

“Trust me it’s because I have this place booby trapped that I have to show you–I’m the only one that can get in without triggering the traps.”

“How can I be sure you’re not pulling a fast one on me?”

“Gimme your gun.”

“What?! No!!!”

But Mia held out her hand insistently. The man reluctantly agreed. His plan was to shoot her with his backup gun if she tried anything stupid. She did do something stupid, but not what he expected. Prying the side of the rifle open, she pulled out the safety and adjusted it to it’s most lethal setting. “Stick it in my back.” She said calmly.

The man was so shocked that he just stared at her.  Seeing this she turned her back to him and waited. For a few more moments he did nothing. Mia began to worry that he wasn’t going to accept her offer, and then she’d really be in trouble! She began to think of other ways to get out of this situation alive. The barrel of the rifle pressed into her back between her shoulder blades, just to the left of her spine. She understood that once pulled the trigger it would be a straight shot through her heart. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she led he and his men to the secret storage spaces, and deactivated the security systems. The man was skeptical at first and so kept his finger lightly pressed against the trigger. But as he saw how each deactivate system revealed no traps he began to relax, though he never eased the pressure on her back.

Within a few minutes they had cleaned out her cupboards and root cellar storage. Having finished their parasitic  mission, the leader removed the barrel of his gun from Mia’s back. “Thanks for your hospitality,” He intoned callously. “I wouldn’t tell the cops about us, if I were you.”  Without giving her a chance to reply, he turned on his heel and followed his men out across the adjacent field.

Mia sighed and shut the door. “So much for that.” She murmured softly to herself. She returned to the sofa and picked up her book. A moment or two later, Shelby appeared downstairs. Maybe she meant to greet Mia, but the only thing that escaped her mouth was a yawn. Mia glanced over her book and smiled. “Somebody’s been up early this morning. “Ugh! Don’t remind me.” Shelby groaned. “What’s for dinner?”

“Wind fritters and fried ice,” Mia replied mischievously,

“The what and the what?” Shelby grogged.

Mia shook her head. “Never mind. It’s an island girl thing, you wouldn’t get it.”

“My cousin’s an island boy.” Shelby retorted as she made her way to the refrigerator.

“Yeah exactly–a boy–not a girl.”

“Whatever. Did Nigel and the others come back yet?”


“Dude, seriously. Where’s the food?”

“Bunch of thugs cleaned us out.”


“Couple minutes ago.”

“Really? I didn’t hear anything.” Shelby replied, scratching her head as she took a bottle of water out of the fridge.

“That’s ’cause you were up early,” Mia countered, returning her attention to her book. In reply Shelby halfheartedly flung her water bottle at Mia’s head; she manged to raise her book just in time and the water bottle tumbled to the floor. “Why, thank you!” Mia exclaimed, bending over to pick it up. “Hey!” Shelby shouted, and dove after the bottle.



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