Process of Writing: Invention

So last week I talked about research, but I realized that a lot of what I do is invention–original or not. lol
I’ve always loved inventing things, from building my own custom machines out of LEGOs to creating worlds through sound design.

Of course, invention uses research. Going from what is to what could be, based on what you know or learned.  Or sometimes an idea will just pop into your head. “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” I try to keep my inventions realistic, and I’m pretty sure I’m not totally original. Someone somewhere has come up with a similar idea.

For example in Hardwired I used a technology that already exists to create something I haven’t seen yet.

Serena rolled her eyes as she took the keys and slipped them into her purse.

“Good girl.” Jason said. She gave him a funny look.

“Seriously, dude?” Caiman asked incredulously.

“Out of space in my pockets.” Jason shrugged.

Shelby shook her head. “So where’s the main course?”

“Should be coming up.” Tiger replied.

“We’ll have to order one more plate.” Caiman added.

“Oh! Right.” Tiger said, grateful for the reminder as he increased the number on the digital menu to 5 people.

“What did you guys order?” Jason asked. In answer Tiger rotated the menu and slid it over for him to read.  “Ah, good.” Jason nodded.

A restaurant menu and ordering system that uses surface technology. I’m pretty sure someone else has thought of this already, but it was still something I thought I’d want to see in a restaurant.

Driverless cars? Nothing new. One that can talk like R2D2? There’s an idea. It depends. If your inventions get in the way of your story then they become a problem. If they help the story along they’re great. How do I tell the difference? Um…I don’t know. Sorry. You have to experiment.  That’s what I’ve done, anyway; and it’s worked out pretty good so far. Oh! I do remember one instance. It was when I decided to write Pilgrim’s Progress 3 with a sort of sci-fi feel to it.

Ahhhh! xD maybe that can be done, but not by me. Especially carrying on the from the previous two parts. Things like transport ships, and speeder bikes, and land speeders just don’t quite fit with the classic allegory style. I tried, but at the end of the day it was just making the audience say, “This is pilgrim’s progress?” That’s not the feel you want for re-imagining a classic. I guess I’ve towards more of a steampunk-ish style this time around. The transports are Airships (aka dirigibles) that move about using propellers and rudders (likely steam powered) as opposed to repulsorlifts and jet turbines.

Well things have been up in the air lately with the daylight savings, and various projects, so things have been slow as far as actual creativity making its way onto paper. So my next post will very likely be random. lol

’till then!

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