circadian rap

Alright, so this is not my normal post. In fact it’s probably the most thrown together post I’ve written yet! lol Since my regular post was delayed in part because of daylight savings, I decided to share a little of my frustration with adjusting to the new time and still having to get things done. xD


If you can 😉

It’s daylight savings but I’ve lost a week
This time change is making me act like a freak

Yo all and wanna do is have a normal life,

but this ‘lil switch is keeping me up,

making me late, all I wanna do is cry

haha, I’m just playin’ overstating

makin’ my case just sayin’

Gotta keep pace, stay in the race,

don’t mean I can’t chafe

No it’s not a mistake!

My circadian rhythm all out of wack

so now I gotta reset and take the time back!

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