Process of Writing: Research

Ever wondered how the pros get things so right? Actually sometimes they get it freaking wrong, but usually with stories (I’m gonna use spy stories as an example) they get at least some things right. The rest is often sensational license.

The fact is, research is essential for good writing, and probably the least gratifying part of writing for me. Maybe it’s just me, but I hit dead ends often places where I need more information to complete the subject I’m writing about. It’s probably because I write about things I have limited experience with. Like government structure, which I need to enhance the accuracy of Marianna’s story in Pilgrim’s Progress 3. Which reminds me, I need to add that to my to do list.

While very rewarding in the long run, research is a mixed bag at times. Especially if it involves watching a series of documentaries.  I mean, I’m glad to have the information, but I dislike having little to show for hours of time. (ego much? lol xD) I do realize the importance of research in my writing and so I think this next week I will make it my effort to be well informed and not complain or worry that I have not created a masterpiece in five minutes! Another good thing about research is it can inspire ideas–not something I thought about before. However this week during my research I was thinking about how we think of rules today and right and wrong. If you notice most of the shows today have the rule keepers painted as either the mundane, or the bad guys while making the reckless and rule breakers the heroes or protagonists.

Is this a problem? I think it can be, I mean some rules were sort of “meant to be broken” but which ones? It occurred to me that this was something worth exploring. Now I will say that I’m pro rules I think the only reason people are safe to speed or cross on the double line is because at least most of use follow the speed limit, or wait until a passing lane is reached. So definitely rules are important. I think like usual I will also go back to the bible stories I grew up with to make this case, though right now I’m not sure what case I’ll be making– I just know it’s going to be brilliant! Not because I’m making it, but because it’s relevant. And it’s something I’ve wondered about personally.

So more research more writing, no crying! lol  Yes, that is my insight of the week.

’till next time!

3 thoughts on “Process of Writing: Research

  1. I think the reckless can be good guys too. I guess it’s because of who I am…a rebel, but not for a bad purpose. Anywho, I will have to agree, I’m no fan of research but it does help.

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