Process of Writing: Love Stories

Happy singles awareness day! No, just kidding. This is a great time! I used to consider it singles awareness day and for many people it is. But for me this Valentine’s, I guess you could say I have a different perspective.

I was never one for the romantic genre, at least most love stories had me reeling with how little sense they made. Then again… xD

I think it makes sense that we like stories about love; most of us spend a significant portion of our lives looking for it. It’s only natural we were wired by a Creator (who is love) to give and receive love, I think first from him, and of course from others. So would I say that love is God? Well, that would mean that love in any form is a little piece of God–which I don’t believe. It’s like saying “Johnny is tall.” You wouldn’t turn around and say that “Tall is Johnny,” it wouldn’t make as much sense. What does make sense (to me anyway) is that love is among other things a choice.

Now I’m still pretty young so I’m gonna stop right there while I’m ahead! lol Explaining love is kinda like trying to explain light. Besides subject is love stories. xD So why do they matter? Apart from them being such a large part of our lives, they can be a source of color that adds interest to a story. Now unlike Hollywood I don’t think that every story has to be a love story (I’m exaggerating a bit, but you get the point) certainly not romantic love; I think some can be just whatever they are. When I started writing, I wrote action. Thrillers! Actually not sure they were thrillers, but something was always happening and usually quite suddenly. Writing about love isn’t distasteful for me, but I don’t like it to get too mushy. Whether I succeeded in that or not, I don’t know. lol There are, of course, different types of love that can be explored in stories, Familial: like brothers, sisters, parents, cousins, etc. Romantic: Valentiny stuff 😉 and of course the largest: God to his created beings (that one could be explored forever).

I think it’s safe to say our concepts of love are informed early on.  Now I’ve been busy sound designing all week, so I haven’t gotten to really unpack this idea. Hopefully I’ll get to that next week. In the meantime, what’s your favorite type of love story? What can you stomach? lol Familial, or romantic? Or do you prefer the more theological path?

‘Till next week! Happy Valentine’s Day! Don’t eat too much chocolate, spend time with loved ones.



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