©2013 Jaron Dael Belboda Jaguar J Enterprise + CGIS

You know there was this kid; living off of his father’s means. Not too unusual, his father was a wealthy man, we’re not quite sure what his father did, but I would guess a hedge fund manager or something up there, money was no object. Now this kid was about 21, and feeling a bit restrained. Why is that? Well his father had this weird idea that even though you’re wealthy you still need to work. It’s that he wasn’t getting paid, his father was a fair man; he also had the promise that he would inherit a significant part of his father’s wealth.

That was pretty cool, but now he was restless. His friends were all having fun. Parties on the weekends, even week nights they were doing something. (You know he had a friend that was a pickup artist. He would go to the various places of amusement and come back with one or two…maybe even three.) And finally this guy says you know what this is ridiculous! So he goes to his dad, he says “Dad I work hard and I don’t have a problem with that, but life is short and I wanna live a little. I work I actually have to make a living, I don’t get nearly enough play time at night. It’s time for my reward!” Of course, he didn’t’ say it like that, Dad wouldn’t have accepted that, but it’s what he meant.

Now, Dad could have responded by telling his son how good he had it, but he didn’t. He was a wise man, and he said, “Alright.” And he gave his son his “reward.” And when the son saw that the decimal point sufficiently far to the right he went crazy! But he didn’t want to go too crazy, so he tamed his ravenous appetite to a Mercedes-Benz S550. “Oh yeah! Vegas here I come!” Which, if he wanted to be conservative in his spending was a bad decision. But he didn’t stay there; he made some money. Actually…if you’ve been tracking what his definition of conservative is, you’ll realize that he scored hugely. And so he was living it up; being careful according to his own definitions. But eventually things started to catch up with him; overdue taxes, unpaid contractors bills, homeowners’ association dues, assessments.
Things of that nature. And before he knew it, his 60,000 square foot house was in foreclosure.

In in much less time than he had ever thought possible he was on the street. Or…so he thought. He was working at Walmart. Stocking shelves and talking to customers. His girls didn’t come to see him, his buddies pretended like they didn’t know him. Btw, he had five steady girlfriends…talk about carbon dating. So anyway, he’s here working at Walmart, no friends, coming up on Christmas time. And as he’s helping people find their Christmas deals, he’s thinking. “Man, I would like some of this stuff. I mean I know this toy flips backwards three times and breaks but, hey!” And then he thinks with himself, “What am I doing? What is this? My dad’s employees live better than I’m living now. 90% of my income goes to rent, I have no friends. And so he says, “Well I can go back. Probably can’t be the son anymore, but maybe he’ll hire me. Yeah…”

And so he quits his job, unofficially. Heads for home, on his bike the first 30 miles, hitch hiking the rest of it. The whole time he’s thinking about how he’s going to make this proposal. “You know dad, I’ve messed up. I wasn’t thankful; I wasted my life and that was a bad reflection on you. I don’t deserve to bear the family name, but I’m here—I can work.”

So he perfects this speech and finally he arrives home; his last ride drops him off. And he starts up the driveway. He kinda has a backpack with his MacBook Air, water bottle. The point is he doesn’t have much to his, alright? He’s wearing clothes from K-mart. And all of a sudden he sees this cloud of dust, it’s a long driveway, you know? And it’s coming very fast, as it gets closer he sees it’s a man on an ATV.

The ATV skids to a stop like 30 feet from him, a man jumps off and charges forward. The boy realizes in shock that it’s his father; he had been expecting to be greeted by an employee, but before he has time to get over that, he is in the crushing embrace of his father. And as manages to recover enough to also engage in the hugging, he feels something hard on his dad’s back. It’s a binoculars. “You mean he’s been watching for me?” Oh man! All of a sudden he remembers his speech, “Dad I’ve really messed up, I’ve brought shame to you and everything you stand for, I don’t deserve to carry the family name…”

Either the father has a short attention span or he does not need to hear the rest. He calls back to the house. “Prepare dinner! My son is back, prepare dinner! Get him a Gucci outfit—put a nice suit on him. Bring out the family crest, put our family’s ring on him.”

“Oh yes sir!”

They throw a party, everybody’s excited! Except big brother. “Yo dad, I need to talk to you.” Father says, “Alright. Shoot.”

“What is this?”

“Well son, it’s a party.”

“I know what it is? Why are you doing this? This punk skipped town two years ago. He’s been living it up in Vegas, Montego, Hawaii, Miami…”

“I’ve heard.”

“What is this?! I’ve been loyal to you for two whole years! That’s two more than him; I wanted to do something nice for my girlfriend (I have one girlfriend, btw) and you didn’t even give me…jack!”

“Son…everything I have is yours, you know that. But as you said you’re brother’s been gone for two years. During that time it was if he were dead—he never called, he never sent post cards. I thought he would never come back. But he’s here. We’re not celebrating your brother because he’s better than you—we’re celebrating because he has return. Will you join us?”

And that’s the end.

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