So today I thought I’d go off the scripted path and just ramble a little. Plus it gives me a chance to get to know my WordPress app =)

Life is is just one of those things that let’s you enjoy everything else. Even if you want to be miserable life let’s you to that to! lol
Please understand, I don’t mean that anyone who says they’re miserable is ungrateful. If you’ve had the flu for two weeks, or just had laser surgery, I get it. That’s legit. …and temporary.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that for most of us, life is pretty good. It would be a shame if we were to waste it feeling sorry for ourselves for whatever reason. As some one that suffered from depression, I understand it can be hard. I’ve found that I usually get depressed when I think about myself and my effect–or lack thereof on the world around me. Like, “oh just can’t be good enough,” “everybody hates me,” or “How am I ever going to solve this problem?”

Now, honestly it is okay to wonder how to solve a problem, but some problems are beyond us as humans. “I can’t be good enough” is often subjective. Good enough for whom? Now for me I have the confidence God says I’m good enough for Him because I’m His. And because of that I can trust Him to handle the problems I can’t solve. “Everybody hates me” is an equally ugly distortion. For one thing it’s not true and a huge exaggeration, but for me an even better outlook is “how can I make someone else’s day?”

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