Adah’s Revenge

Continuing on with my Pilgrim’s Progress 3 scripts/attempts here is chapter three of “Marianna” as I like to call it =)


Pilgrim’s Progress Part 3

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Adah’s Revenge by Jaron Belboda

Pilgrim’s Progress Part III Marianna

Chapter Three: Adah’s Revenge

Scene #1

Narrator:   I came again in my dream into the tunnel where Three-heart, Junior, Faith and Antonia were still trying to hack their way into the basement of their shop—without success.

Valiant:   Junior, we’ve been at this for over half an hour.

Paul:   Forty-five minutes to be precise.

Faith:   Ugh! (worn out) Let’s take a break.

Paul:   Sure thing.

(They put down their tools and sit down on the box)

Antonia:   So, Junior, you say you recognized this Caluvaar fellow?

Paul:   Yes.

Valiant:   Where have you seen him before?

Paul:   In my dreams. He counseled with Cowl, on the best way to make us pay for what we did to the Black Recluse.

Faith:   Ah. (understanding) So, why were you searching this tunnel to begin with?

Paul:   I wasn’t searching the tunnel.

Valiant:   You weren’t? (puzzled)

Paul:   I was traversing it.

Antonia:   But how could you be in it if you weren’t searching?

Paul:   As I said, Caluvaar was an architect. He left behind, a bluemap of all the towns he designed. Stupidity being among them, I thought it would behoove me to study the town’s architecture. So I was studying the tunnel to see if I could navigate it based on the map.

Faith:   When have you been doing this? (suspicious)

Paul:   In my spare time.

Faith:   Uh-huh. (really) When you should have been sleeping, you mean.

Paul:   Well, uh…yes; but not lately.

Antonia:   So you studied the map of the town and found our shop in the drawings. (beginning to see)

Paul:   Right.

Faith:   So, what was it used for?

Paul:   It was Caluvaar’s house.

Antonia:   So that explains the strange things that have been happening! (sudden realization)

Faith:   Yeah.

Valiant:   Strange things?

Paul:   What strange things?

Faith:   Well, remember when you asked me to get your hack saw [JDB1] for a project you were working on?

Paul:   Yes. I also recall that I ended up not needing it.

Faith:   Yes. Whether it was because I was nervous because of the creaky floor boards or not, I don’t know, but somehow I bumped into something and dropped it.

Paul:   Okay.

Faith:   When I bent over to pick it up, my hand went right through the floor!

Valiant:   Oh. (a bit unsettled)

Paul:   That’s original.

Faith:   Yes, well since I couldn’t see anything resembling the empty space I was feeling with my arm, I grabbed the large crate and pushed it over the hole.

Paul:   So that’s why it’s there in the middle of the floor.

Valiant:   You mean you didn’t move it?

Paul:   No need to, we don’t use that room very much.

Antonia:   Wait a minute. How could you cover a hole you couldn’t see?

Faith:   Oh I felt around, it was just big enough for me to fall through.

Antonia:   Ah.

Paul:   And that’s probably when I said, “Oh don’t bother, I got it.”

Faith:   Yes. Then Antonia called me; said my sisters had arrived, and I should show them around since she was busy with a customer.

Valiant:   You’re unbelievable. I couldn’t forget something like that!

Faith:   No offense, you’re a man.

Valiant:   Ah right.

Antonia:   While we’re on that, when Faith and I were doing dishes yesterday we had an experience of our own—together, that is.

Faith:   Oh yeah! Tell them about that.

Antonia:   You’re doing fine! But alright; we dropped a plate on the floor. No big deal, right?

Paul:   Unless you’re my mother. She hated it when Valiant and I dropped her dishes on the floor.

Valiant:   Yes, yes, go on.

Antonia:   Well, the plate didn’t hit the floor.

Paul:   Huh?

Valiant:   Did it hit the ceiling?

Antonia:   No, it fell right through the floor and disappeared. (mildly amused)

Paul:   In front of your eyes? (finding it hard to believe)

Faith:   Yes. We saw it disappear into the floor.

Paul:   Hm.

Antonia:   And when, Faith went over to investigate, she fell in!

Valiant:   What?

Antonia:   Fortunately I grabbed her by the arm and was able to pull her back up.

Faith:   And you can be sure we’ve avoided that spot every time we walk in there.

Antonia:   Yes, we put a board over it, but neither of us has quite had the courage to stand on it.

(There is a long pause as Paul and Valiant digest what their wives have just told them.)

Antonia:   Well?

Valiant:   You’re both unbelievable.

(Antonia laughs)

Faith:   Tactlessly stated, my brother.

Valiant:  I just can’t believe you’re just telling us.

Paul:   Hm.

Faith:   You’re being awfully quiet about this, Babe.

Paul:    Well I am. The whole architecture of this place has been puzzling me for some time now. In fact I didn’t even know there was basement.

Faith:   You didn’t?

Paul:   Not until I read this bluemap.

(He removes map from pocket and unfolds it)

Paul:   See?

Faith:   Ah. (intrigued)

Antonia:   Why do you keep calling it ‘bluemap?’ (puzzled)

Paul:   It’s a cross between map and blueprint.

Antonia:   Oh. (chuckle) How clever. (enlightened)

Paul:   Indeed. This bluemap, uh… (fumbles in his pocket) …this one, shows the basement to the shop and the various rooms. And… (turns the b-map over and opens it out further) …apparently those friendly mouths you encountered weren’t the only hosts of the house (they express their surprise) this side shows holes all over the building.

(They look over his shoulder at the map)

Faith:   Wow, it’s a wonder none of us have fallen into these holes before. (wonder)

Paul:   Well, most of them have since been filled in; but some of them… (give a shudder replacement expression)

Antonia:   We were protected by the hand of the Lord.

Valiant:   Indeed. Is there anything else?

Paul:   Yes. There seems to be some kind of huge conflict. Every time I kneel down to pray or read the scriptures it’s like there’s a hand of oppression on me; or if it’s not that, then it’s a distraction.

Valiant:   I meant about the house. These objects here look too modern for Caluvaar’s day.

Paul:   Hm.

Antonia:   So this is just one huge haunted house, eh?

Paul:   It would appear so.

Valiant:   But we serve a Master who is stronger than all. Remember that the devil is a defeated foe.

Paul:   Indeed. Still, we must beware of his death throws.

Faith:   How true. (thoughtful)

Valiant:   One important thing to note is that not all of the strange things that happen in this building can be related to demonic power.

Antonia:   Oh?

Paul:   Valiant speaks the truth. This place is built on top of a vortex.

Faith:   Is that one of those rare places where the magnetic field of the earth bends or something like that?

Paul:   Uh…well, something like that. It’s quite complicated but basically it produces certain physical and optical phenomena. For example, if you peak through this crack in the door you’ll see a…there!

Faith:   What?

Paul:   My metal saw! It’s lying on the floor in there. (exuberant)

Faith:   Let me see that! (exited)

(She pushes him aside in her excitement, then gets to the door and peers in)

Valiant:   Ah, if we could only get to it, we could break through a lot easier than Caluvaar’s old tools are helping us to do. (wistfully)

Paul:   But how would we do that?

(NOTE: extended scene)

Antonia:   Easy isn’t it? We might try kicking the door for starters.

Faith:   No that sounds risky. We’d definitely break something if we did—and it wouldn’t be the door.

Paul:   More likely our ankles. But aren’t we forgetting something?

Antonia:   Are we?

Paul:   The most important thing. (reverently)

Valiant:   Ah. (understanding)

Faith:  You mean we should pray.

(They all concur.)

Antonia:   We’ve been forgetting to do that a lot lately.

(They kneel on the tunnel floor)

Faith:   At least in the simple things.

Antonia:   Right.

Paul:   There is nothing too simple to bring before Him in prayer.

Valiant:   He who feeds the birds and clothes the lilies of the field—will He not more surely take care of us?

Antonia:   He who gives grass to cover the earth and spreads His love like the wind….

Faith:   Who gives water to the thirsty and food to the hungry…

Paul:   And life to the dying…

Faith:   Will he not give life to our faith?

Valiant/Antonia/Paul/Faith:   Mm/Yes/He will/Most definitely.

Faith:  You start.

Paul:   Valiant?

Valiant:  Go ahead.

Paul:   Dear Father, we’re trapped. We don’t know what to do, but you know. You know exactly how we’re going to get out of this tunnel and into our shop. I ask that you will help us to be patient and wait for your answer. In the name of your Son, Amen.

(There is a moment of silence as Paul’s words sink in.)

Valiant:   Well! I don’t think there’s anything we can add to that—except that “Lord, I thank you in advance for your answer!”

All:   Amen.

Antonia:   Well, should we open the box out here?

Paul:   No. I think we should wait until we get…

Destiny:   Hey! Everything alright out there?

Valiant:   Oh hi Destiny, what’s going on?

(They all look at Valiant as if he’s crazy.)

Paul:   Uh, Three-heart?

Valiant:   Yes?

Paul:   That’s our ticket in!

Valiant:   Oh!

(They all laugh.)

Destiny:   You mean you didn’t notice that I was on the other side of the door?

Valiant:   (laughs) No! I must say your prayers worked, Brother. I was totally at rest.

(All concur.)

Destiny:   So, how do I help you in?

Paul:  Well my saw is lying on the ground at the other end, so if you…

Destiny:   Already picked it up. But I don’t know how to use it through a door.

Paul:   Oh! Well you’d have to take that end off and then…[JDB2]

Destiny:   Maybe I’d better just give it to you.

Paul:   But you have to use it first.

Destiny:   Uh, is there really a need? There are two doors here it looks like you could just pull them open.

Valiant:   Two doors! It looks like one from out here.

Paul:   Yes, yes, come on let’s pull.

Faith:   We have to move the box first.

Paul:   Right.

(They four get their hands under the box, move it out of the range of the doors, and set it down.)

Valiant:  What’s in this thing anyway?

Paul:   The doors.

Valiant:   Ah yes.

(The return to the doors.)

Paul:   Alright, you ready?

Destiny:   Yes. You pull and I’ll push.

Valiant:   On the count of three. One, two, three!

Narrator:   They set to work tugging and pushing on the doors. At last there was a creaking and a groaning, and the doors opened with a dusty protest covering them all in rock powder which made them cough.

Valiant:   (coughs) Everyone alright?

Paul:   (coughs) Yeah. You?

Valiant:   Well apart from this dust… (coughs)

Paul/Antonia/Faith/Destiny:   (Cough + Laugh)

Paul:   Man, if we had known it was two doors and we could just pull on them…

Valiant:   I agree.

Antonia:   There’s a lesson to be learned here.

Hope:   Hi everyone!

Valiant/Paul/Faith/Antonia/Destiny:   Hi/A Hope/hey/hey/hello.

Hope:   I brought you all some water.

(They thank her)

Valiant:   We need it.

Paul:   (rinses out his mouth before drinking) So, I guess the lesson is that insanity is doing the same thing again and again while expecting different results.

Valiant:   (agrees while taking a sip of water.)

Hope:   A lesson on insanity?

Destiny:   They were banging on this door for almost an hour instead of trying to pull on it.

Paul:   Yeah and we should have prayed too. How did you know it was for almost an hour?

Hope/Destiny:   (Laugh!)

Destiny:   Are you kidding? The whole shop was shaking!

Hope:   (amused) Well, not the whole shop, Destiny!

Destiny:   Okay but, most of it.

Hope:  We were afraid the customers would think there was an earthquake.

Paul:   (chuckles) Oh.

(The others agree.)

Valiant:   Well, what do you say we pick up that box, Little Bro?

Paul:   Let’s do it!

(They get up and begin to retrieve the box.)

Hope:   What’s in this thing?

(They all pick up the box.)

Paul:   (while lifting) Don’t know!

(They carry the box into the shop.)

Antonia:   Well I’ll say it’s easier with you two helping!

Destiny:   Twelve hands make light work.

(they all laugh)

Paul:   Well said.

Valiant:   Indeed.

Faith:   Where do we put it?

Valiant:   Uh, let’s take it over there.

Faith:   Alright.

(The others agree as they move the box over to the specified location and set the box down.)

Paul:   There we are just like it should be.

Faith:   No it isn’t.

Hope:   (gasp) You are disagreeing with your husband?

Paul:   (bursts out laughing) Begging your pardon, Hope.

Hope:   I was just joking.

Faith:   You’d better be. (playfully)

Hope:   Ah, our good friends back at Shark’s Cove, right sis?

Faith:   I can’t begin to tell you all the nice things I have to say about them. (sarcastic)

Paul:   Quite.

Faith:   All the lessons in patience kindness and forbearance, ah…

Valiant:   That’s enough, Faith! (disturbed) You both deserved every bit of what you received from those folks. You invited their criticism!

(Faith looks hurt)

Paul:   Valiant! (chiding)

Valiant:   Must I bring out my sword against thee? Brother?

(The two brothers stare into each other’s eyes in a hostile manner though Paul appears pained.)

Paul:   Let’s see what’s in the box. (dark tone)

Valiant:   Do that if you like, I’ll be upstairs.

(Valiant turns on his heel and marches up the stairs.)

Antonia:   (sighs) I’d better go talk to him. (turns and leaves)

Destiny:   You boys have a good relationship. (turns and also leaves)

Paul:   Destiny…

Destiny:   (over her shoulder) Later!

Paul:   (sighs) Oh boy. (turns to Hope) I suppose you also have a reason to turn on your heel and walk out?

Hope:   Nope. I wanna know what’s inside that box. Dawn can watch the shop.

(There is a moment of silence; Faith bites her lip.)

Paul:   Faith?

Faith:   Let’s do it.

(They pick up the appropriate tools and begin opening the box. After a moment of silence Hope shares her thoughts.)

Hope:   If you men did have a fight, who would win?

Paul:   I don’t want to think about it.

Hope:   But supposing you did. These standoffs between you are getting more frequent.

Faith:   She’s right Paul; you do need to think about it.

Paul:   I know. I’d just rather not.

Hope:   I think you would win.

Paul:   Why do you say that? Man, this seal is tight!

Hope:   Because he battles with giants—you don’t. Giants are some of the slowest opponents.

Faith:   Humph.

Paul:   Slow in the relative sense. They can be quite fast if you’re not paying attention. Also you have to hit harder to kill a giant. (refers to the box lid)There that should do it, come on.

(They three pull on the lid.)

Hope:   My point is that you have the advantage of speed. I don’t think he stands a chance.

(They pull harder and the lid comes off.)

Paul:   I hope never to find out.

(They set the lid aside.)

Faith:   Oh. (puzzled)

Hope:   Not quite what you were expecting?

Faith:   No. I don’t get why it was so heavy.

Paul:  Hm. Well, there’s a sheet in here and… (he pulls it off)

Hope/Faith/Paul:   Gasp! /Oh my! /Ooh!

Hope:   There’s a man in here!

Faith:   Is he dead?

Paul:   I don’t think so. (feels him) He’s still warm—that’s a good sign.

Hope:   Or it means he died a couple minutes ago.

Paul:   Oh I don’t think he… (he recoils) Oh, oh!

Hope:   What?

Paul:  The smell. He’s pretty wet too; it must be sweat.

Faith:   Let me see. (as she checks him over.)

Hope:   I wonder how long he’s been in there.

Faith:   Well he’s unconscious that’s for sure. I’d say he’s probably been in there a couple days, maybe a week?

Hope:   Let’s get him out.

Faith:   Right let’s lift his arms, Paul can grab his legs and… (notices the expression on Paul’s face) what’s wrong, Honey?

Paul:   This is my father.

Hope:   What?!

Faith:   No way! This is…(recognizes him) …it sure is. This is terrible, he’s too old to be treated like this!

Paul:   He’s not that old!

Faith:   Still it would be terrible for a teenager to be put in this box for a week. But there may still be time. [JDB3] Help me with him.

Paul:   Right.

(They three lift Mr. Great-heart out of the box and lay him down on the floor.)

Faith:   We can’t leave him here. We have to get him to a warmer room.

Paul:   And change his clothes.

Faith:   Oh, and he looks like he’s wounded. Get me Dawn!

Hope:   Sure thing. (pages Dawn)[JDB4]

(over the communicator)

Dawn:  Hope.

Hope:   Hey Dawn, Faith needs… (looks at Faith)

Faith:   Oh! Um, some clean clothes…

Hope:   Clean clothes…

Dawn:   Okay.

Faith:   Towels…

Hope:   Towels…

Faith:   Some warm blankets…

Hope:   And blankets.

Dawn:  Alright.

Faith:   And maybe we should set up that extra room in the attic.

Hope:   Oh, and set up the extra room next to Paul and Faith’s.

Dawn:   Okay.

Faith:   Oh and set up the tub too.

Hope:   And the tub! Set up the tub.

Dawn:   Got it. See you in a few.

(Dawn and Hope end the conversation)

Paul:   The tub?

Faith:   Yeah, we’re going to give him a bath. Or rather you’re going to.

Paul:   But shouldn’t we…? (hesitates)

Faith:   Your father taught you how to make executive decisions, right?

Paul:   Right.

Faith:   This is the time to make an executive decision.

Paul:   Agreed. Let’s go.

(He picks up his dad)

Hope:   Are you sure you can make it up the steps carrying him like that?

Paul:   Yup. Just steady me before and behind.

Hope:   Okay.

Paul:   You’ve carried me many times, Dad. Now it’s my turn.

Faith:   Mm.

Paul:   Let’s go!

(They leave the room and march upstairs.)

(NOTE: end of extended scene)




Scene #2

Narrator:   Now I saw in my dream, that about this time, Marianna was come again to her castle. Finding it clean once more, she withdrew herself to her chamber to pray and ask her Lord for wisdom. But this did not last long, for her children were eager to learn what had happened in her meeting with the queen. So she told them all that happened. When she was finished, her eldest said…

Rachael:   But Mother, I still don’t see why you apologized.

Asahel:   Yeah, especially when she trashed the place.

Marianna:   You know about that?

Asahel:   We returned while Titus was cleaning up.

Marianna:   Oh.

Rachael:   I don’t think I would have forgiven her for trashing the place either.

Marianna:   Rachael, Rachael, you cannot fight fire with fire. Remember the Proverb? ‘A soft answer turneth away wrath?’ Had I continued to deal harshly with her, I would have confirmed Caluvaar’s evil words and made the name pilgrim to stink in her nostrils.

Rachael:   But she cursed and swore!

Marianna:   Rachael, she was afraid. (chiding)

Rachael:   But you just said that she told you she wants you to defeat the Dark Master.

Marianna:   Well yes, but it’s only a matter of time before she sends him here.

Amos:   How do you know?

Marianna:   I know the laws of the Province of Dark-land. Whatever shady character is at the helm of this sinking ship must be obeyed at all costs. Irrespective of personal ties or anything else worth mentioning.

Amos:   Oh.

Rachael:   Then it’s a trap!

Marianna:   Yes.

Micah:   So are you really going to help her, Mother?

Marianna:   Absolutely.

Asahel:   Why? You just said it’s a trap!

Marianna:   Because I may be able to convince her to leave this dark world, and seek refuge in the bright shadow of the Almighty.

Rachael:  (clears her throat) Uh, Mother?

Marianna:   Yes?

Rachael:   When are we going to set off after father?

Marianna:   Oh, Rachael, I long to be gone perhaps even more than you do. It’s just that… (sigh) …Well I hope I haven’t proved myself unworthy of his invitation. (sadly)

Asahel:   Has the messenger come yet?

Marianna:   No, he hasn’t. (sadder still)

Rachael:   Well, maybe when he comes he’ll explain all of this to us. Personally I feel that if the Lord of the Hill could forgive father’s past, He could certainly forgive ours. (thoughtfully)

Amos:   Indeed. Why else would he promise to send a messenger? He cannot lie! (emphatically)

Marianna:   Have you been reading the ‘little book?’

Amos:   Uh, you left it on the table and I was curious, so I started reading. (feeling a bit guilty)

Marianna:   No it’s okay; I’m pleased that you’ve been reading it, Amos. And Rachael, I’ll be sure to ask the messenger if we’re still accepted.

Esther:   When will he come, Mommy?

Marianna:   Soon. But in the meantime, we must prepare ourselves.

Asahel:   But Mother, when is soon?

Marianna:   When the time is right.

(Expressions of disappointment from children as Marianna leans back in her chair and stares out the window. Abruptly she straightens)

Marianna:   We’ve got work to do.




Scene #3

Destiny:   How’s he doing?

Hope:   I don’t know. They’ve given him bath, bandaged his wounds and put him in bed.

Destiny:   In clean clothes.

Hope:   Of course.

Destiny:   Does Valiant know?

Hope:   No, he and Antonia went to the market to buy some groceries. They should be back in an hour or so.

Destiny:   Does it really take that long?

Hope:   No, but sometimes they visit those who are interested in going on pilgrimage. That usually takes the extra time.

Destiny:   I see.

(Jael comes through the room on her way down stairs)

Jael:   What are we all talking about?

Destiny:   (in confidential tones) Mr. Great-heart was delivered to us in a box under suspicious circumstances.

Jael:   So he’s the man in the box I keep hearing about!

Destiny:   What now?!

Hope:  We should have kept this quieter.

Jael:   Why?

Destiny:   Let’s just say there’s something ominous about this whole thing. I can’t but my finger on it but something just isn’t right.

Jael:   Gotcha. Well, I need to go put this stuff downstairs, so I really should get going.

Hope/Destiny:   Okay/Later.

(Jael leaves.)

(NOTE: extended scene)

Destiny:   Well I hope Antonia was able to talk some sense to Valiant.

Hope:   Humph.

Destiny:   I just don’t get it. He was alright until we mention that little incident at the Cove and bam! (claps her hands together)

Hope:   You don’t know what it’s like to be embarrassed by your little brother.

Destiny:   You’re right; I don’t have a little brother. But how is Paul so embarrassing?

Hope:   You mean besides the fact that he and Faith got married so young?

Destiny:   Well, the minister did forget to give them permission to kiss at their wedding.

Hope:   Oh be serious, Destiny!

(They both laugh)

Destiny:   Okay, okay. But I think they were ready.

Hope:   I do too! But he…

(The door opens and Paul and Faith come out leaving the door ajar.)

Destiny:   Here they come.

(NOTE: end of extended scene)

Paul:   Hi ladies.

Hope/Destiny:   Hi.

Hope:   How’s he doing?

Paul:   Still not waking up.

Hope:   Well maybe he was in there for longer than you thought.

Faith:   Oh it might not be that, it’s probably just the condition he was in when he was placed in the box.

Paul:   Strange; his body was almost in a state of hibernation.

Faith:   Oh people don’t hibernate, Honey.

Paul:   I know, but his heart beat was so slow. And his breathing…

Destiny:   That means we’re losing him.

Faith:   I’m afraid so.

Paul:   (sighs) I had hoped to make him proud. To prove myself worthy of being his namesake.

Hope:   Hm.

(NOTE: extended scene)

Faith:   He was proud of you. Remember how happy he was on the day of our wedding?

Paul:   Yes I remember that infamous day.

Faith:   Don’t be like that.

Paul:   You’re right. Whatever happened is in the past—there’s nothing I can do about it now. I just wish I could have made it a bit more pleasant.

Faith:   Hey! We were together.

Paul:   Yes.

Faith:   And that’s good enough for me. Besides you can’t say our marriage has been any more like a fairy tale than our wedding.

Paul:   That’s true.

(NOTE: end of extended scene)

Paul:   But no mind; the important thing right now is to pray for him.

Narrator:   They knelt down and prayed for their King’s will to be done where in life or death—whichever would bring Him greatest glory. And you know from my last account dear ones, that this would be served by his life. But such knowledge was not given immediately to our friends as they prayed for their ailing patriarch. Just as they finished Dawn entered the room.

Dawn:   Hi everybody

(They all greet her.)

Dawn:   I’m sorry to interrupt but, we have a problem.

Faith:   Oh. (in a good natured “what could it be?” tone)

Dawn:   Valiant requires your assistance. And… (hesitates)

Faith:   And?

Dawn:   The inspector’s here.

Hope/Destiny:   Mm! /Uh-oh.

Faith:   Um…well…I’ll be right down.

Dawn:  Okay. (calls over her shoulder) Hurry!

Faith:   What shall we do?

Paul:   It’s alright. Go help Valiant—I’ll take care of the inspector and join you momentarily.

Faith:   (hesitates) Well…okay. Come with me Destiny (starts walking quickly down the stairs) I might need some backup. Plus we need to get you used to the ropes.

Destiny:   Sure. I’ll take all the experience I can get.

Faith:   I’m sure we’ll need all the help we can get before this is over.

(Faith and Destiny drift out of earshot.)

Paul:  Say, what’s this?

Hope:   Oh that?

Paul:   Uh-huh.

Hope:   Just some stuff we found in the box.

Paul:   Hm, most interesting. A fiddle, a bottle of tears, diary…

Hope:   I think the inspector is waiting.

Paul:   Right! (Starts to leave then turns back) Oh, do me a favor?

Hope:   Being?

Paul:   Shut the door to my dad’s room.

Hope:   Sure thing.

Paul:   Thanks!

(Paul bounds down the stairs.)




Scene #4

(Marianna and he children, with the help of their servants, are preparing to leave.)

Rachael:   Will I need these, Mom?

Marianna:   Let me see.

(She comes over. Once she sees, she can’t help laughing.)

Rachael:   What?

Marianna:   Sweetheart, those are fine—if you’re going to a party.

Rachael:   But mom, they’re my favorite shoes!

Marianna:   Well you can take them, but don’t blame me when your feet get all scratched and muddy.

Jonathan:  (calls) Highness!

Marianna:   (calls back) Yes?

Jonathan:   There’s someone here to see you. He’s come from the far reaches…

Draco:   Marianna.

Marianna:   Count Draco. (surprised)

Draco:   What is this we hear about you, Marianna?

Marianna:   Well I don’t know, I…

Draco:   Going on pilgrimage?!

Marianna:   Wait how could you possibly know that? I just received word myself.

Draco:   Word of what?

Marianna:   Why that I’m to go on pilgrimage—I didn’t know until last night.

Draco:   You’re lying. (coldly)

Marianna:   What? Why would I do that?

Draco:   You…! (draws close) If word of this gets to the queen, Marianna, there will be trouble!

Marianna:   I’m aware of that.

Draco:  You must drop this horrible notion at once!

Marianna:   Horrible notion?

Draco:   (loud enough for all the room to hear) I’m warning you, Marianna. Do not upset the balance of the ruling class! Or soon the entire kingdom will demand your extinction!

(Draco abruptly turns on his heel and walks out.)

Rachael:   What was that all about?

Marianna:   I think the Grand Duke sent him here.

Rachael:  You mean the Archduke?

Marianna:   The Archduke, rather. The Archduchess is a mutual friend.

Rachael:   Have you told her?

Marianna:   No.

Rachael:   I notice that you didn’t tell Draco that you spoke to the Queen.

Marianna:   Well he really caught me off guard there! I didn’t know what to say.

Rachael:   It’s probably for the best.

Marianna:   Why do you say that?

Rachael:   Well, I don’t know. I mean if Annan (the Archduke) found out that you had spoken directly to the Queen and she had done nothing then it would probably have gone on to the Emperor.

Marianna:   Hm.

Rachael:   Or maybe that Dark Master Queen Adah spoke of.

Marianna:   Oh, the Emperor and Dark Master are one in the same, Rachael. I’m convinced of it.

Rachael:  So we’re in way more trouble now than we were.

Marianna:   No, we’re just more aware of it.

Rachael:   Oh.

(Amos, Asahel, Micah and Esther enter.)

Asahel:   What was that all about, Mother?

Amos:  Yes we heard yelling.

Micah:   And then…

Esther:   And then Draco came storming out of the room like a thunder cloud!

Micah:   Hey, I was gonna say that!

Esther:   Beatcha!

Micah:   Oh! (disgusted)

Marianna:   Children, we need to pray—this is serious.

(The children agree and they all drop to their knees—not too hard, btw.)

Marianna:   Oh Lord of the Hill, we’re in trouble! Not really more trouble but we really see it more now. Please protect us, and help us to be a witness when we’re brought to trial before the rulers of this place. Thank you for the opportunity to bring more people to a true knowledge of Your ways.




Scene #5

Inspector:   But Mr. Great-heart, I must explain…

Paul:   Inspector, you have done so for the half part of an hour. I have yet to see what you mean to tell me that you already have not.

Inspector:   Mr. Junior, you know the routine! Every building must be inspected for wiring and security to make sure they are up to date with the current codes.[JDB5]

Paul:   Yes you said so a quarter of an hour ago, and ten times since.

Inspector:   Uh but…

Paul:   You also know that we were closed for maintenance during the third part of last week. Your office was scheduled for inspection on those days and an inspector sent; he approved the building and allowed us to reopen.

Inspector:   Codes have changed since then!

Paul:   That’s ridiculous! We’re only required to modify to code each month—not week to week!

(At this point Valiant, Antonia, Faith and Destiny arrive at the shop.)

Inspector:   Oh you are incorrigible!

Valiant:   (Cuts in after “you”) What is happening in here? Why are you detaining my brother?

Paul:   This gentleman—if I may use the term loosely…

Inspector:   Oh! (incensed)

Paul:   Is requiring an immediate inspection of the place.

(There is a brief pause of shocked silence.)

Faith:   What?

Valiant:   We’re not due for another month!

Paul:   So I told him. I would have joined you ere this had he not rambled on for half an hour.

Antonia/Faith/Destiny:   (Express their annoyance mildly.)

Valiant:   (subdued tones) Alright, alright, I’ll handle this. (turns to the inspector) So Inspector, business slow at the office?

Inspector:   We have a new system, weekly inspections followed by…

Valiant:   Is the Duchess aware of this arrangement?

Inspector:  Uh, no but…

Valiant:   (calmly cuts in at “no”) I suggest you bring it to her attention—now. Run along, little man.

Inspector:   But if I can explain to you, you’ll see…

Valiant:   My brother can fill me in on your half hour exegesis, thank you very much.

Inspector:   But…

Valiant:   Now go! (commanding)

Inspector:   Yes sir.

(The inspector runs away.)

Valiant/Antonia/Paul/Faith/Destiny:   (Breathe a sigh of relief)

Antonia:   Guess this is when your size comes in helpful, right Hon?

Valiant:   I suppose so. Junior, why didn’t you tell me this gentleman was here? I would have come back and relieved you of him sooner!

Paul:   Could not get away from him. I spoke to you when first I had a breathing space.

Valiant:  Oh. (wearily)

Destiny:   So is he gone?

Valiant:   Yes—for now. He’ll be back within the hour, I don’t doubt.

(There is a commotion at one of the shops near them.)

Soldier:   Clear the way! Out of the way!

Warcraft:   Move!

Valiant:   What’s this?

Faith:   Um, if you don’t mind, Destiny and I will take the groceries inside now.

Valiant:   Yes, yes, go ahead.

Antonia:   I’ll join you.

Faith/Destiny:   Alright/Okay.

(The three ladies carry the purchases inside the shop.)

(NOTE: extended scene)

Soldier:   Stand aside, stand aside!

Townsperson:   Alright, alright! Hold your horses!

Warcraft:   Move I say!

(Give the man a powerful punch knocking him to the ground. The townspeople cry out in horror.)

Townsperson 2:   (runs up to Warcraft and points in his face) Hey, how dare you? He was moving out of the way!

Warcraft:   Hah!

(Punches the man in the face breaking his nose; the crowd cries out again; several try to avenge the man only to get beat up by Warcraft. Paul and Valiant rush forward.)

Paul:   Ooh!

Valiant:   Hey, hey, hey, what’s going on here?

Soldier:   Out of the way punk!

(The soldier takes a swing at Valiant who deftly blocks the punch, twists the man’s arm behind his back and firmly presses him into the wall of a nearby building.)

Soldier:   Let me go or my… (attempts a strike) …Yah! (attempts another to no avail) Hyah!

Valiant:   Keep still.

Townsperson 3:   Aruuuuugh!

Paul:  No, no, wait!

(The townsperson attacks Warcraft; just as they are in the heat of it, Paul rushes between them with little idea of what he will do when he gets here. On impulse he pushes them away from each other, sending them sliding backwards in opposite directions. The townsperson falls face first into a barrel of crabs—which latch onto his hair, and Warcraft slams into a carpenter’s table.)

Warcraft:  Ah! (recovers himself) You must be Mr. Great-heart!

Paul:   Yeah, that’s right.

Warcraft:   Ah, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you face to face.

Paul:   Indeed. (wondering where this is going)

Valiant:   Who are you? What is the meaning of this?

Soldier:   Let me go I say!

Valiant:   Stop struggling and I will!

Warcraft:   It’s alright, Soldier. Do as he says.

(The man stops struggling and Valiant lets him go.)

Paul:   You’re a bounty hunter.

Warcraft:  Yes. I must say I was surprised to see how young you are.

Paul:   I am full of surprises.

Warcraft:   I can see that.

Paul:   Don’t come any closer! Who are you?

Warcraft:   (draws his saber and puts it to Paul’s throat) We’ll ask the questions around here, my good man.

(There is a moment of silence as they stare into each other’s eyes)

Soldier:   Hey boss.

Warcraft:   Huh?

Soldier:   He’s got you.

(Warcraft looks down to see that Paul’s gauntlet is ready to fire a set of blades.[JDB6] )

Warcraft:   Oh! (chuckles) I see you’ve dealt with bounty hunters before, Mr. Great-heart.

Paul:   I have.

Warcraft:   Your gauntlet is very impressive.

Paul:   You should see the one I have at home.

Valiant:   Enough with the pleasantries! Tell us man, who you are and what you are about this day!

Warcraft:   Who is big tall muscle-man who talks so much?

Valiant:   I am a shopkeeper.

Warcraft:   Well Mr. Shopkeeper, I will thank you to mind your own business.

Valiant:   Tell me who you are and I may.

Paul:   Wait a minute—I know this man. You are William Warcraft, one of the most successful bounty hunters in these parts.

Valiant:   Really?

Warcraft:   That is correct, Mr. Shopkeeper. Now stand aside! My business is with Mr. Great-heart.

Valiant:   You are dealing with Mr. Great-heart!

Warcraft:   What? (puzzled)

Paul:   That’s true—his name’s Great-heart. (glibly)

Warcraft:   That’s impossible; there cannot be two Great-hearts!

Paul:   Oh, there’s more of us than you know, my good bounty hunter.

Warcraft:   This is ridiculous!

Valiant:   (Draws his sword) Is it now?

Paul:   Valiant, wait—we can negotiate.

Valiant:   Yes we can—aggressively!

Paul:   No wait! We can talk!

Warcraft:   I don’t think so.

(Paul seizes Warcraft’s soldier, turns him around and grabs Valiant’s sword from his hand. Putting it across in front of the soldier’s throat.)

Paul:   Yes we can. (firmly)

Valiant:   What are you doing?

Warcraft:   He means nothing to me—go ahead.

Paul:   If you want to find Mr. Great-heart you will cooperate with us.

Warcraft:   If Great-heart is an organization and not a man then I will be taking all of you!

Paul:   Very well, then.

(Paul pulls the sword swiftly severing the soldier’s head. The solder spins to the ground his head bounces off and his helmet (with the head inside) makes a clattering sound on the street. Paul hands the sword back to Valiant and draws one of his own.)[JDB7]

Warcraft:   (Draws his second saber) I see you’re not one to shrink from violence, Mr. Great-heart. Shall we have on?

Paul:   Your move.

Warcraft:   Fools! (coldly)

Narrator:   With that Warcraft rushed forward and engaged both Valiant and Paul with his dual saber combat style. Meanwhile inside the shop Antonia with Faith and her sisters were discussing what happened earlier with the inspector as the sounds of dueling drifted in through the windows.  But because there was often much noise and shouting in this section of the town, they at first paid it no heed.

(NOTE: end of extended scene)

(NOTE: alternate narration is as follows)

Narrator:   While Valiant and Paul went to see to the situation, the ladies of the house busied themselves with putting away the groceries, and organizing their stores. As they did so, they talked about what had happened earlier with the inspector. Presently, the sounds of dueling drifted in through the open windows, but because there was often much noise and shouting in this section of the town, they at first paid it no heed.

(NOTE: end of alternate narration)

(They are talking and laughing in the background all through the narration.)

Dawn:   Yeah, that inspector can be quite a pain.

Antonia:   You aren’t kidding, sister. Did I tell you about when he said…

(Just then a cabbage which has been thrown by one of Valiant’s powerful swings slams into the display window breaking it instantly.)

Ladies:   (Cry out in surprise. Not loud; this is not horror!)

Antonia:   What was that?

Faith:   I don’t know; let’s have a look. (puzzled/intrigued)

(They hurry into the front room.)

Dawn:   Why, the front display window is broken.

(Just then another cabbage flies in through the broken window nearly hitting Dawn. She ducks just in time and Faith catches the cabbage in her right hand.)

Destiny:   Whoa, good catch, Sis!

Faith:   Thanks.

Dawn:   What is it?

Faith:   A cabbage!

(The others express their bewilderment.)

Jael:   Oh look here! There’s another one on the floor with glass stuck in it.

Antonia:   That doesn’t make sense.

Faith:   Wait a minute… (everyone stops and listens) …there’s a fight going on out there.

(They all move to the window.)

Faith:   Our men are fighting.

Antonia:   Oh no. No, no, no, no! I’ve got to stop them before they cause a bigger scene!

Faith:  No wait, Antonia!

Antonia:   What?

Faith:   There might be more to this than meets the eye.

Antonia:   Like what?

Faith:   Those sabers their opponent is using are the very same kind that Mr. Great-heart was wounded with.

Antonia:   How do you know?

Faith:   I’ve been cut with one before.

Antonia:   Oh.

Faith:   Now I think we should stay back. Look around, maybe there’s…

Antonia:   Are you kidding me?

(A pan flies through and strikes her on the head.)

Antonia:  Ow!

Faith:   I think they’re after Mr. Great-heart, and this fight is only a diversion!

Antonia:   (rubs her head) Well I’m sorry but I just got hit in the head with a hot frying pan, and I’m not about to stand by and let more damage be done.

(She runs out the front door.)

Faith:   Antonia, wait!

Hope:   It’s no use, Faith. We’ll have to take care of things ourselves.

Faith:   You’re right.

Dawn:  I’ll watch the store.

Faith:   Great! Hope, Destiny, Jael, come with me.

Jael:   What are we going to do?

Faith:   We’re going to have to try and move him.

Ariel:   Hey what’s going on?

Hope:   Emergency situation, Ariel. Can you help Dawn watch the store?

Ariel:  Sure.

Faith:   Thanks!

(Faith, Hope, Destiny and Jael hurry upstairs)

Ariel:   Dawn, what’s going on?

Dawn:   We think someone’s after Mr. Great-heart.

Ariel:   Why?

Dawn:   We don’t know yet.

(Meanwhile upstairs, Faith and the others arrive at her room.)

Faith:   His door’s shut.

Hope:   I did that—Paul asked me to.

Faith:   Oh.

(They open the door and breathe a sigh of relief.)

Hope:  Oh good he’s still here.

Faith:   Hmph, that’s strange.

Destiny:   What?

Faith:   I don’t remember his sheet having that black stain on it.

Jael:   Who cares, he’s alive, right?

Faith:   (soberly) Unless he died while we were gone.

Jael:   Oh. (soberly)

Destiny:   (reaches out her hand) It looks like some sort of liquid.

Faith:   Don’t touch it!

(Destiny jumps back. Carefully Faith draws her sword.)

Hope:   What are you doing?

Faith:   Lifting the sheet.

(She lifts it back.)

Destiny/Jael:   Yuck!

Hope:  It’s a one-eyed man! (Shocked)[JDB8]

Faith:   It’s no man.

Jael:   Why do you say that?

Faith:   His blood is as black as ink!

Jael:  Giant Grim? I mean Bloody-man?

Destiny:   I thought he was dead!

Faith:   Oh this is not the giant. But he sure looks related!

Man:  Aruuugh!

(The man’s eye opens and he start’s to get up.)

Hope/Destiny/Jael:   (Gasp!)

(Faith quickly cuts off his head with one swift stroke. They all breathe a shaken sigh of relief.)

Hope:   That was close.

Faith:   Indeed. (absent minded)

Hope:   Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Faith/Hope:   Why is he in this bed!

Faith:   Look around. See if you can find anything.

(They all agree and begin looking.)

Jael:   I found something!

Faith:   What?

(they all run into the next room.)

Jael:   Mr. Great-heart’s stuff is missing.

Faith:   Why, yes! Everything is gone—the fiddle the diary the tear bottle…What else was there?

Hope:   Say, Paul’s backpack is missing too.

Destiny:   And there are muddy footprints on the floor!

Faith:   Oh yes, his shoes were filthy—I forgot to clean them.

Jael:   Are you saying he’s alive?

Faith:  That would make sense wouldn’t it?

Hope/Destiny:   Aye/Hm.

Jael:  The window’s open. I wonder where he is.

(Meanwhile outside Mr. Great-heart is climbing up the side of a building.)

Gh:   Just like old times. Ah, that looks like a good place.

(He jumps down to another level and makes his way down from the buildings to the street.)

Gh:   There; just like it should be! Now which way to Marianna’s Castle?




Scene #6

(Great-heart knocks at the gate, and after a brief pause it opens)

Marianna:   Good day, sir.

Gh:   Greetings in the name of the Lord of the Hill.

Marianna:   Why thank you, sir. Do come in.

Gh:   Thank you.

(He enters)

Marianna:   Jonathan, you can shut the gate now.

Jonathan:   Yes, Highness.

Gh:   Marianna, do you know why I’m here?

Marianna:   No sir.

Gh:   My name is Great-heart. I am sent by the King of the Celestial City.

Marianna:   The place where my husband now dwells?

Gh:   Aye. And I am come….

Marianna:   Then you must be the messenger of whom he spoke! I had a dream wherein the King of the City told me he would send a messenger.

Gh:   I perceive that your heart has been softened towards Him.

Marianna:   Oh, yes. I have read much in His word. But I… (sigh)

(she pauses and puts her hand to her forehead)

Gh:   Go on. (encouragingly)

Marianna:   I’ve acted the part of one such as would not be a subject of his kingdom since he invited me. I don’t think he can trust me anymore. (dejected)

Gh:   He can.

Marianna:   He can? (unsure)

Gh:   Aye. Because, now that you distrust yourself, you will be quicker to rely on Him for strength.

Marianna:   That is certainly true. I’ve learned all too well how difficult it is to do right on my own. You see, first I had an experience in my own home last night where…

Narrator:   So Marianna recounted to him all that had befallen her up to his coming. When she was finished Mr. Great-heart said,

Gh:   You need not fear, Marianna. These experiences that have come to you are part of a building project.

Marianna:   The building of my character?

Gh:   The building of your character. ‘In every affliction God has a purpose to work out for our good. Every blow that destroys an idol, every providence that weakens our hold upon earth and fastens our affections more firmly upon God, is a blessing.’

Marianna:   So I need not be discouraged?

Gh:   No. You’re under construction. And now to the purpose of my visit.

Marianna:   Oh, yes. I didn’t mean to deter you.

Gh:   You did not deter me, Marianna. I have a commission to help the weak and the discouraged alike. I am sent by the King of the Celestial City with a message that he invites you, Marianna, you, to put off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light. To leave this dark abysmal place and come to His kingdom as your husband did.

Marianna:   Oh, this is almost too much for me! (bursting with Joy)  I can hardly believe it’s really happening!

Gh:   I have something more than words for thee. (he takes an envelope out of his sleeve) Look! It is letter from the King of the Celestial City.

Marianna:   Oh my! A letter! (breathlessly) May I open it?

Gh:   Of course. It’s addressed to you.

Marianna:   (hardly daring to breath) Oh, oh, my! (she opens it) It…it says…I Michael have sent my messenger to testify unto you these things. I invite you and your children to come to my kingdom through the way provided. I do not promise an easy journey. But I do promise rich rewards: Joy in sorrow, light in darkness, peace in stormy times. And when you have come to my kingdom you shall see you husband and others who have chosen to give me their all. All of them enjoying the eternal joys of Paradise.

Marianna:   (She weeps with joy) Then He still wants me!

Gh:   Yes. And there is more!

Marianna:   More? (amazed)

Gh:   Yes. (he pulls out a little bottle) Here,

Marianna:   What is this little bottle?

Gh:   These are the tears that your husband shed in prayer for you.

Marianna:   Oh, poor man! How I have grieved him so!

Gh:   And this is the ring of Christiana the wife of Christian who remained behind, but later went on pilgrimage. Her request was that this ring be given to you.

Marianna:   Thank you.

Gh:   And this is the diary of a friend of yours named Mercy.

Marianna:   Mercy! She went on pilgrimage didn’t she?

Gh:   Aye. And she has sent you this book to encourage and guide you in the way.

Marianna:   Bless her!

Gh:   And this is Christiana’s fiddle.

Marianna:   Oh, I know what to do with that. It is to cheer us in our journey through its music.

Gh:   Aye. And finally, I give you the greatest weapon you will ever need on your journey.

(He reverently pulls out the key of promise from his bag)

Marianna:   A key? (amazed)

Gh:   Not just any key. ‘Tis called the key of promise. With it you may destroy all the devices of the enemy.

Marianna:   It’s stained with blood. The blood of Jesus?

Gh:   Aye. (reverently)

Marianna:   It reminds me of the words in His book.

Gh:   Which?

Marianna:   That which says: ‘Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.’

Gh:   Well said. Our Lord has also given us these promises to make us ‘partakers of the divine nature.’

Marianna:   Ah.

Gh:   The kingdom to which you are invited is one of such…

Marianna:   Enough. (overwhelmed) It is enough. I’m convinced. But how do I get there?

Gh:   Did you not see the way your husband went?

Marianna:   No. I stayed inside. Will you show me?

Gh:  Aye. Come.

(They walk up the steps onto the wall of her castle)

Gh:   Here we are. Look. What do you see?

Marianna:   The south gate of my town.

Gh:   Thou must look beyond that. Look out over the wall. Do you see a field?

Marianna:   Yes, a very wide field. It stretches as far as I can see.

Gh:   And at the edge of the visible field, do you see a light?

Marianna:   N…no.

Gh:   Look again.

Marianna:   Oh, yes. I think I can see a faint glow!

Gh:   Keep looking.

(She does and is amazed at what she sees)

Marianna:   Why, it grows brighter!

Gh:   Aye. If you follow the light across that field, you will come to the Wicket Gate, which is at the head of the way. From there you will be given instructions about your journey, and be put into the way that leads to life!

Marianna:   Thank, you sir. Thank you so much.

Gh:   Thank Him that sent me, Marianna. I wish you a good reception at the gate.

(He descends the stairs to the gate and Marianna follows)

Marianna:   By the grace of Him who has called me, I shall have it.

Gh:   Good. Farewell, Marianna.

(Gate opens for him)

Marianna:   Farewell.

(Gate closes and immediately there is a loud pounding at the gate)

Marianna:   Whoa! Wonder who that could be. (startled)

Jonathan:   Should I open it, Your Highness?

Marianna:   No. Let me see who it is.

(Loud impatient pounding)

Marianna:   (calls out) Yes! Who sent you and what do you want?

Elihu:   I am sent by the Dark Master!

Marianna:   (Gasp!)

Jonathan:   Oh, no!

Elihu:   Did you hear me?! (very angry)

Marianna:   (calls) Yes, I heard you! What do you…?

Elihu:   Then open your gate! (furious)

(He and his men begin pounding on the gate with renewed zeal)

Marianna:   (yells over loud pounding) Excuse me!


Elihu:   What? (quite upset)

Marianna:   Stop pounding so you can hear me!


Elihu:   Stop it, guys!

(They stop)

Jonathan:   (pears through the space between the gates) He’s not alone, Highness.

Marianna:   How many men are out there?

Jonathan:   (looks gain) I’d say about three dozen. They look very dangerous—I mean they’re well-armed soldiers.

Marianna:   (quiet desperate appeal) Oh, Lord, help us!

Elihu:   (ruffled) Okay I’ve stopped. You haven’t said a thing!

Marianna:   What do you want? And who are you anyway?

Elihu:   My name is Elihu. I am the Emperor’s chief of staff, and with me is Shishak captain of the Queen’s guard. We have come here to arrest Mr. Great-heart and bring you before the Queen for trial.

Marianna:   Well, he just went through this gate! (stunned)

Elihu:   Who just went through this gate!

Marianna:   Mr. Great-heart!

Elihu:   Who?

Marianna:   Mr. Great-heart!


Elihu:   Lies! All lies! Boys break it down!


(They resume there battering of the door. Titus runs up as the door heaves and shudders.)

Marianna:   No, wait! You can come in and look!


Elihu:  What? Stop it guys, I can’t hear! What did you say?

Marianna:   I said you can come in and look. (sighs) Open the gate, Jonathan.

Jonathan:   Your Highness. (as he opens the gate.)

Elihu:   Ah. Where is he?

Marianna:   I said you are welcomed to look. But you won’t find him—he’s already left.

Elihu:   We’ll see about that. Boys tear the place apart! Look in every nook and corner, I want that man found!

(The men agree and begin their work.)




Scene #7

(Outside Three-hearts Shop Paul and Valiant confer with William Dart head of regional security.)

Valiant:   Thank you for coming on such short notice, Dart.

Dart:   Anything that involves the safety of my people is my concern, Mr. Great-heart.

Paul:   We are grateful for your loyalty, Mr. Dart.

Dart:  Aye, aye. Nonetheless, you are all in great danger.

Valiant:   Oh?

Dart:   The man which you encountered was indeed William Warcraft—a dangerous bounty hunter who has caused no end of trouble for duchess and this town.

Paul:   Is he independent?

Dart:   Sometimes and sometimes not. It’s hard to say, really.

Paul:  Ah.

Dart:   He tends to work for those who pay him the most.

Valiant:   As one would expect.

Dart:   Quite, Mr. Valiant. But I must say your sister-in-law was right. His attack on you was merely a decoy.

Valiant:   How do you know?

Dart:   Well, let’s start with your man in the bed. How do you think he got in without you noticing?

Valiant:   Um…ah…

Dart:   He came in while you were fighting, of course.

Valiant:   Well, uh…

Dart:   In fact by my calculations, if you boys hadn’t taken Warcraft on, and if your wives hadn’t been distracted by your fight, and if Antonia hadn’t come out to stop you, you just might have possibly seen what you were supposed to.

Valiant:   (sighs) You’re right. We should have been more discerning.

Paul:  I must admit I fell for it too.

Dart:   Well fortunately for us, Master Great-heart hasn’t lost all his skill. It was pretty remarkable for him to wake up out of a coma or whatever it was into to put that soldier in his bed.

Valiant:   Oh! (enlightened)

Paul:  Wait, wait! So you think that my father is the one who knocked him out and put him his bed?

Dart:   Who else? None of you were there to look after him. (The brothers look remorseful.) If you had prayed for guidance as you know you should have, you might have been alerted to this plot. As it is, it may take weeks to sort this whole thing out.

(Paul and Valiant look dubious.)

Dart:   Ah, don’t give up yet, lads! This whole thing will be settled once and for all, nothing surer. But steps twice taken are a way longer traveled. It will take time.

Agent:   General Dart, sir.

Dart:   Yes?

Agent:   We are finished with our analysis, sir.

Dart:   Good, good! (turns to Paul and Valiant) Gentlemen, let’s see what the boys have turned up!

Valiant/Paul:   Ah/come on.

(The four men step inside.)




Scene #8

Narrator:   Meanwhile at Marianna’s Castle:

Esther:   What are they doing, mother?

Marianna:   Looks like they’re coming to the end of their search.

Asahel:   Yeah Esther, if you’d watch and listen you’d notice some things.

Esther:   Hmph!

Marianna:   Alright you two, that’s enough.

Rachael:   Wish they didn’t make us wait in this corner.

Marianna:   They wanted us to be out of the way.

Rachael:   But we’re royalty! They’re treating us like prisoners of war—dirt!

Marianna:   How was our Prince treated?

Rachael:   (sighs)

Marianna:  Be patient. (looks up) I think the guard is about to report to Elihu. Listen!

Soldier 1:   No, not a thing!

Elihu:   Are you sure?

Soldier 1:   Not a trace.

Elihu:   She must be hiding him somewhere.

Soldier 2:   General!

Elihu:   What?

Soldier 2:   An urgent message from Queen Adah.

Elihu:   What is it?

Soldier 2:   Here.

(The soldier hands him a parchment; Elihu reads silently.)

Elihu:   Alright, round them up! Kill the children; arrest Marianna, get her to talk!

Esther:   Mother?

Marianna:   Now, Amos.

(Amos raises his cane which he has carried from the living quarters and fires two knock out darts at the two soldiers who are guarding them; with the desired result they fall unconscious to the ground.)[JDB9]

Micah:   Whoa! Mom what was that? (amazed)

Marianna:   A little present from Grandpa. Come on let’s go![JDB10]

(They get up and run down to the dungeon. It’s pretty easy to get to without being seen from where they are. They seclude themselves in a small cell which doesn’t echo when the talk—it’s more like a tight closet, except made of rough stone and not smelling as nice.)

Marianna:  Okay, we’re safe down here.

Asahel:   Are you sure they won’t come looking?

Marianna:  They might, but it will take them a while.

Esther:  Oh!  (pinches her nose) It stinks!

Rachael:  Oh, I see your thinking, Mom. They won’t expect us to go from the luxury of our palace to this dump!

Marianna:   (Coughs) Right!

Rachael:   But now, what was that back there? Tell us about Grandpa’s cane.

Marianna:   Well he had it made in his wood workshop. When you push the top it fires a knock out dart.

Micah:   Where’d he get the darts from?

Esther:   What’s a knock out dart?

Marianna:   Well he got the darts from here. And it’s not the darts that knock them out it’s the potion they were dipped into.

Micah/Esther:   Oh. (enlightened)

Marianna:   They’ll wake up in a couple hours or so.

Asahel:   Oh. Glad we didn’t actually hurt them!

Marianna:   Yes!

Rachael:   Hm. That thing only holds two darts. What would you have done if there were more soldiers?

Amos:   (reveals his carrying case) Unlimited reload.

Rachael:  Oh. I see.

Marianna:   Well, we may as well think about settling down here for the night.

Esther:   But it stinks!

Asahel:   You’ll get used to it.

Narrator:   So they settled down in the dungeon and as evening fell they gradually drifted off to sleep. The guards who had not yet searched the dungeon were puzzled by their disappearance and so decided to wait in the castle courtyard if, in the course of events, they decided to come out of hiding and make their escape. But that night:

Michael:   Marianna.[JDB11]

(Marianna moans a bit; still asleep.)

Michael:   Marianna! (more urgent)

Marianna:   Huh? Wha..? (still half asleep)

Michael:   Marianna, Duchess of Stupidity!

(Marianna catches her breath now fully awake)

Marianna:  (trembling) Yes?

Michael:   What doest thou here?

Marianna:   (stammers) I…I…I…

Michael:   What doest thou here, Marianna, Duchess of Stupidity? (Sternly)[JDB12]

Marianna:   I’m running away from Queen Adah’s men and the Emperor’s chief who seek my life.

Michael:   Ah. And where will you go, Marianna, Duchess of Stupidity?

Marianna:   (stammers) I…I will…I…

Michael:   Where?

Marianna:   I will go to the farthest place away from this city and from there find my way onto the path to which your messenger directed me.

Michael:   Return to your castle and submit yourself under their hands.

(Marianna catches her breath in surprise)

Michael:   You must stand trial before the Queen where you must give a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and godly fear.

Marianna:   What about my children?

Michael:   Do as I have instructed. I will care for your children.

(Abruptly he is gone. Marianna holds her breath for a moment, and then lets it out slowly.)

This chapter is either based on, or directly quotes these references: Exodus 20:20; Numbers 14:9; Proverbs 19:23; Proverbs 3:7; Isaiah 43:1; Proverbs 3:5 Proverbs 15:1; Amos 4:12; Acts 8:39; (ML 93.3)(RH, September 11, 1883 par. 13)(RH, April 10, 1894 par. 9); 2 Corinthians 7:1; 2 Peter 1:4; Genesis 16:7-9.

 [JDB1] [JDB1]A saw that can cut through metal. I’m quite sure they could have had one in the old days.

 [JDB2]The original line read:

Paul:   Oh! Well that button there activates it, that one there controls the length and that one controls the intensity and…

That was because I originally had a laser torch as the tool.

 [JDB3]Time to save him.

 [JDB4]I’m not going to throw this away, yet due to the comedic timing. Maybe a phone like in the old days. Anyway nothing so modern as ours.

 [JDB5]I may omit the word wiring—we’ll see. If they have telephones, they will of course have to have electricity. =D

 [JDB6]It’s a mechanical device similar to that used in Assassins Creed. No, I haven’t played the game. Though it is also like Batman’s gauntlet so a mix of both. As you may have guessed Paul is a non-proportional mix of Knight and Ninja and 1400’s Assassin. I must say, though, he doesn’t do the work of an assassin—it’s just his skillset and his unique weaponry that make him comparable.

 [JDB7]In an alternate sequence he lets the soldier go, and then Warcraft makes his statement almost as a joke.

However it is difficult. This is one of what I call the “Dwarf Giants.” He’s a giant but hasn’t got the height of a giant. So in real life I would just give him a good scare by knocking the helmet off his head. Then I’d probably say, “回家!”  (Go home in Chinese. Pronouced “hui jia.”) It also means get back, make tracks. In essence It’s saying get out of here!

But in Pilgrim’s Progress you kill the giant—you don’t let him go like that. Unless of course he asks for it as in the case of Giant Maul. (After whom Maulderon is named.) But Giant Despair was not permitted to live even though he begged for it. I guess it depends. In this case I think Paul, even though he gives no indication in the dialogue, knows the nature of this soldier. What is his nature? Read on and see.

 [JDB8] [JDB8]This line and the following reveal the nature of the soldier that Paul beheaded. Of course listeners will find out later the connection between them, but in my mind they are the same. I’m still working on an explanation for why they look like Grim Bloody-man. Perhaps they are from his race? Hm. At any rate, they wear helmets so that you cannot see that they are any different than other men. This is not hard to do seeing as they are normal sized—or nearly so.

 [JDB9]Don’t panic! This is not high tech at all. It’s an old African trick to dip these darts into a kind of medicine (or whatever) called “the sleeping potion.” Harmless, the soldiers will only be unconscious for a couple of hours.

And as for the mechanism in the cane, it’s purely mechanical. You’ll learn more about where they got it form as we go on.

 [JDB10]Marianna still has things to learn. This is, in fact, the opposite of the course she should be taking. I didn’t do this just to be interesting, I did it to show Marianna’s learning curve. I wanted to have her grow in her trust of the King of the Hill and to do so in a natural progression. Namely, through experience. So please, bear with me.

 [JDB11]Originally I attempted to specify what happened here. I said it was a dream and I described Michael’s appearance.

On second thought, I discarded those references. Whether this was a dream or not is irrelevant. Also what he looks like is unimportant. It is his message that matters most in the story. Listeners should recognize his voice from the first chapter and with the proper music an image will be impressed upon their minds. So the need for description is not needed and the message will shine forth. I could go into what I think the message is, but I think it’s self- explanatory. The bible text in Genesis from which this scene took its inspiration, should be sufficient. J

 [JDB12]In this way he is reminding her of the story of Elijah and also that of Hagar. Stories she has just read from her book before going to sleep.

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