New Beginnings

Continuing on with my Pilgrim’s Progress 3 scripts/attempts here is chapter two of “Marianna” as I like to call it =)



Pilgrim’s Progress Part 3

©2007-2011, CGI Studios, Ltd.

New Beginnings by Jaron Belboda

Pilgrim’s Progress Part III Marianna

Chapter Two: New Beginnings

Scene #1

Narrator:   When morning was come, Marianna prayed, and offered up thanks to God for the new hope he had given her. Then she related to her children more of what she had learned concerning the Christian life, and also of the coming messenger, who would show them how to get into the way in which their father had traveled. By these things the children were much encouraged, and vowed to conduct themselves as befits children of light. After these things Marianna set about to complete the unfinished business of the previous night.

Marianna:   Rachael, Asahel, come here a minute.

Rachael & Asahel:   (agreeably) Yes, Mother.

Marianna:   I’m going to have you girls go to the marketplace today.

Asahel:   (protest) But, Mother, the servants usually do…

Rachael:   (aside tone) Psst. Asahel, remember? We must submit to our ‘rod.’

Asahel:   (undertone) Oh, yeah, I forgot. (Normal volume) Yes, Mother, we’ll go right away.

Marianna:   Thank you. There’ll be two soldiers waiting for you at the gate.

Asahel:   (touch of fear) Soldiers?

Rachael:   (amused) Yes, to guard us. (More serious) It’s a dangerous world out there, you know.

Marianna:   I’m expecting you back in half an hour.

Rachael:   Alright, Mother.

Narrator:   So, the two sisters, in the company of their guards, made their way to the marketplace. After they left, Marianna went out, again onto the wall of her castle, to pray and meditate on the things she had learned. Suddenly she noticed a small company striding purposefully up to her gate.

Marianna:   (surprise) Jonathan!

Jonathan:   (politely) Madam?

Marianna:   (puzzled) Where did that band of men come from?

Jonathan:   (amused) From the south gate, at which you are looking.

Marianna:   (amazed) I did not see them.

Jonathan:   (amused) you were so absorbed in your thoughts that I doubt you saw anything, Madam. (chuckle)

Marianna:   I wonder who it could be.

Jonathan:   (more serious/good naturedly) If I may venture a guess, Madam.

Marianna:   Go on.

Jonathan:   (with conviction) I believe that this is the messenger of whom you were told in your dream.

Marianna:   (amazed) But an entire band!? (Puzzled) Why would he come with an entire band?

Jonathan:   (teasing) Well, rumor has it, that you’re quite a tuff nut to crack. (Apologetic) I’m sorry, Madam, I should not have been so blunt. Please forgive me.

Marianna:   (reassuring) No need to apologize, Captain, I am stubborn. (Mild concern) But are you sure this is the messenger?

Jonathan:   That I shall discover shortly forthwith.

(Jonathan walks down steps to gate/Sounds of a heated debate/ Jonathan hurrying back up steps)

Jonathan:   (Fear) Your Highness, you were right. Your suspicions were well grounded.

Marianna:   Who is it? (Growing concern)

Jonathan:   (fearful/concerned) The Queen, your Highness, she’s very angry.

(Angry voices/sounds of destruction, i.e. wooden gates being cracked/stones being thrown down/vases being cracked, etc.)

Marianna:   Oh, she usually is. (Wearily)

Jonathan:   She’s on her way up here, Madam! (Fear/panic)

Marianna:   But she can’t come up here, I didn’t give permission! (Astonishment)

(Noises and voices getting louder/nearer)

Jonathan:   I tried to stop her, your Highness, but she said… (Gasp!)

(The Queen Bursts onto wall)

Adah:   (Angry) Marianna!

Jonathan:   Oh no! (Hoarse whisper)

Marianna:   Greetings, your Majesty. (Calmly)

Adah:   (Still angry though somewhat quieter) How could you, the duchess of Stupidity, treat me in such an evil manner?

Marianna:   (puzzled/respectful) Your Majesty, at your hands my castle entrance and stairway have been vandalized, and my people distressed. Did I treat you so badly, or is it the other way around?

Adah:   (insulted) How dare you talk to me that way! (louder) I am your Queen! I rule all of Dark-land…

Marianna:   (Sighs) Leave. (quiet/firm)

Adah:   What! (astonished/outraged)

Marianna:   (firm/decisive) Her Majesty Queen of all Dark-land is throwing a tantrum that is no more dignified than a spoiled four-year-old. And until you can address me in an adult manner, I command you to leave, now.

Adah: (sputtering with rage) You can’t order me to leave! You are under my authority, and you show me no more respect than a dunghill! (Ad lib)

Marianna: (coolly) Jonathan, hit her across the mouth and stop her foul talk.

(He hits her soundly on the mouth)

Adah:   Ugh! (muffled)

Marianna:   Titus, gag her.

Titus:   Yes Ma’am.

(He does)

Marianna:   You appear to be in charge of the Queen’s band, what’s your name?

Shishak:   Shishak, Ma’am. (uncertain of what’s about to happen)

Marianna:   I want you to see that the Queen remains gagged until she reaches the palace.

(Expressions of astonishment all)

Shishak:   (stunned amazement) You mean take her back to the palace?

Adah:   (muffled protest)

Marianna:   Yes, go at once.

(Small band moves off downstairs)

Titus:   A bold move, your Highness.

Marianna:   Aye. But when she breaks the laws of Dark-land, she can no longer be a competent ruler.

Titus:   You did well, Madam.

(She pauses momentarily as a deeper meaning of what has just transpired comes before her)

Marianna:   (sighs remorsefully) No. I don’t see that I have. I should not have had Jonathan hit her on the mouth. And I should not have had you gag her.

Jonathan:   Why not, Madam? She was cursing her most loyal subjects.

Marianna:   Yes, but my Master has counseled me not to return ‘evil for evil.’

Titus:   Your Master? (puzzled)

Marianna:   Yes, the King of the Hill.

Jonathan:   Ah, yes. You have been reading much in His Book.

Marianna:   His book has been a source of help to me lately.

Titus:   That’s probably why she is so angry at you and this town.

Marianna:   What? She is angry at the entire town? (amazed)

Jonathan:   Yes. Word of your reading activities has leaked out! Many of the people have begun to study the scriptures for themselves.

Marianna:   Indeed!? (joyful surprise)

Titus:   Yea so much so, that this town is starting to become known in some circles as ‘The Field of Wheat.’

Marianna:   The Field of Wheat…?

Titus:   You know, Your Highness, the analogy of a field of ripe wheat ready for the harvest?

Marianna:   Ah. (Suddenly realizes) Oh, no! (horror)

Titus:   What’s wrong, Your Highness, you look pale.

Marianna:   I’ve just realized the gravity of what I’ve done.

Jonathan:   What have you done?

Marianna:   I have given the Queen a false image of those who follow the Book by my treatment of her.

Titus:   With all due respect, Madam, I believe she deserved it.

Marianna:   Yes, but not from me. The scriptures state: ‘For we know him that hath said, Vengeance belongeth unto me, I will recompense, saith the Lord. And again, The Lord shall judge his people.’ I got onto my daughters about this last night. And now I realize they got much of their poor situation handling skills from me. So I now I guess I have to punish myself.

Titus:   Hmmm.

Marianna:  I need to follow my own counsel. I owe the queen an apology. (determination)

Jonathan:   It will be done.

(He starts to leave then turns around with a start as Marianna speaks)

Marianna:   No. I will deliver the apology myself.

Titus:   Yourself! (amazed)

Marianna:   Yes. And I leave you in charge of the castle while I’m gone. When my daughters return, tell them I will be back shortly.

Titus:   Yes, Your Highness.

Marianna:   Jonathan, prepare my transport.

Jonathan:   Yes, Your Highness. Boys bring the horses! Prepare the wagon, on the double!

(The soldiers respond positively.)

Titus:   Your Highness, why do you need your transport wagon?[JDB1]  Do you intend to reach to Darkness before the queen? (puzzled)

Marianna:   Yes, I want greet Queen Adah when she arrives at her palace.

Titus:   Why?

Marianna:   I’m going to un-gag her.

Titus:   I see.

Marianna:   I leave you in charge.

(She turns to go)

Titus:   Uh, Highness?

(She turns back to Titus)

Marianna:   Yes?

Titus:   Do you wish me to clean up the entrance and stairway?

Scene #2

Narrator:   Not far from Marianna’s castle, there lived two young men: Valiant Great-heart III and Paul Great-heart Jr. They were sons of our hero, though they were only lads when Christiana made her journey. Together with their wives, Antonia and Faith, they ran a medium sized business called Three-hearts Shop. On the outside, Three-hearts Shop was a normal business supplying the denizens of the town with toys, furniture, and other necessities. But on the inside it was a means of bringing the honest in heart to knowledge of their Savior, and the way of escape which he had provided. These came from such places as: Destruction, Uncertainty, Honesty, Lethargy, Indifference, Apostasy, Darkness, and many other towns. While Marianna was racing to the City of Darkness in an attempt to make restitution with Adah, these brave young couples were making their way toward the basement of their shop with an unusually large box.

(They walk through tunnel carrying huge box)

Valiant:   How much further, Junior? (puffing with effort)

Paul:   (jokingly) A mile. (laugh)

Valiant:   Oh. (groan)

Faith:   (laugh)

Antonia:   (teasing) You said that when we entered this tunnel.

Paul:   Aye. That I did.

Faith:   And it seems like we’ve come that far already.

Paul:   Yes, three times over.

Antonia:   Can we take a rest?

Valiant:   Well, uh…

Paul:   Oh, come on, Three-heart, let’s not torture our poor wives! Take a rest.

(They set the huge box down)

Faith:   Thanks, Honey, we were dying back here.

(They sit down on top of the box)

Paul:   You’re welcomed. (sigh) Yes, Three-heart can be quite a taskmaster.

Antonia:   And an iron man.

Valiant:   Now, what are you talking about? It was your idea! (laugh)

Paul:   (laugh)

Valiant:   So, how long is this tunnel?

Paul:   Three miles and one hundred feet.

Antonia:   What? We’re one hundred feet from the end?

Faith:   Why didn’t you make us go on?

Paul:   Well, if the box weren’t so heavy, I might have.

Faith:   Good point. (reflects a moment) Still that knowledge would have made it a little easier.

Valiant:   What’s in this box anyways?

Paul:   That we shall discover one hundred feet from now.

(They get up, lift the box, and resume walking)

Antonia:   I wonder why Dart was so worried about anyone seeing it.

Valiant:   You know how Dart is, Babe.

Antonia:   Yes, but this is different. He usually isn’t so picky about inanimate objects.

Valiant:   Hm.

Faith:   And wanted only us to pick it up.

Paul:   Well taken. But if Three-heart keeps tugging us forward at this wicked pace…

Valiant:   Brother. (chiding)

Paul:    We shall walk into a…

(All are jolted as they bump into solid iron barrier)

Paul:   Wall. (laugh)

(Antonia & Faith join the laughter)

Valiant:   (laugh) You warned us just in time, Junior.

Faith:   If you call bumping into the wall in mid-sentence good timing.

Paul:   Oh. Well, this is it.

Valiant:   It is? I don’t see anything.

Paul:   You don’t expect to find a hole into our basement, do you?

Valiant:   This is our basement?

Paul:   Yes. Here, let’s set this box down.

(They set the box down)

Paul:   This wall that we bumped into is a door.

Antonia:   Huh?

Faith:   Why, then, did it not come open when we bumped into it?

Paul:   Good question, my Dear. My guess is that it’s been closed for centuries. I found this tunnel some time ago, by studying a bluemap of the town left here by the ancient architect and sorcerer, Caluvaar.

Faith:   How do you spell that?

Paul:   C-A-L-U-V-A-A-R.

Antonia:   Hm, sounds like a child spelled that.

Paul:   Nevertheless, he is not to be taken lightly. He is very dangerous.

Valiant:   You say he is.


Paul:   He met me when I entered this tunnel the first time, and attempted to scare me away and finally to put a stop to my expedition.

Faith:   Wait a minute…

Paul:   I would have believed it wasn’t him, if I hadn’t also recognized him.

Faith:  What are you saying? (trying to figure it out)

Paul:   I’m saying that Caluvaar is likely of the same nature as Madam Bubble.

Valiant:   Ah.

Antonia:   So he’s a demon?

Paul:   I’m beginning to think so.

Faith:   Hm.

Paul:   Though I’m not quite sure. He may be an imposter like the one we met in that…other town.

Faith:   Pshhh. (amused)

Antonia:   Ahem. So when you met him here, did he say anything to you?

Paul:   That he did. He said we would have much trouble in this town because of our mission.

Valiant:   Humph!

Paul:   He even implicated personal suffering. Though we can’t know for sure what he’s referring to, we are told that “…all who live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.”

Valiant:  Well, if he’s right, this is nothing new to us.

Antonia:   Right.

Faith:   But sometimes I wonder how much worse can it get?

Antonia:   Hm.

Faith:   You know? We’ve been beaten half to death, burned alive, put on bread and water, (which I didn’t mind). Put in prison, forced to slave on galleys and I…

Antonia:   You and Paul were held on galleys? No wonder you’re so strong!

Faith:   Antonia…

Antonia:  You are!

Faith:   That is not my point. How much worse can it get? I’m at a place in my life where pain seems normal.

Paul:   It’s not—though it is in a sinful world.

Valiant:  True.

Antonia:   I know what you mean. I’m almost tempted that nothing will ever shake me; that the enemy has shown me his worst!

Faith:   Yeah.

Valiant:   Agreed.

Paul:   Hm.

Valiant:  Paul?

Paul:   Until mankind reaches a living hell, he will not know the true nature of evil.

Antonia:   That’s a chilling thought.

Faith:   It certainly is.

Valiant:   In other words we’ve seen nothing as of yet.

Paul:   I fear so. But I suggest we discuss this further inside. Faith’s sisters might be getting worried about us.

Valiant:  Oh, right. Shoulders to the door, Mr. Great-heart!

Paul:   As you wish, Mr. Great-heart!

(The brothers commence opening the old door)

Scene #3

Narrator:   Meanwhile at the City of Darkness Marianna was in for a surprise.

Shishak:   Why, Your Highness! (amazement) What brings you here?

Marianna:   I have come to apologize to the Queen.

Shishak:    Apologize! (even more amazed)

Marianna:   Have you heard the word? (calmly)

Shishak:   To be sure I have, Madam, but…

Adah:   Let her speak, Shishak (muffled)

Shishak:   Here, I shall remove this gag, Your Majesty.

Marianna:   I’ll do that.

Shishak:   Oh.

(She drops to her knees)

Marianna:   Your Majesty, before I remove this gag, I would like to apologize for my ungodly behavior. I should not have had you struck and gagged. My humble apologies for what I have done.

(She removes the gag)

Adah:   Ah. (sigh of relief) Oh, Marianna, please get up from your knees. (ruffled)

Marianna:   But, Your Majesty…

Adah:   Your Majesty nothing. You know I’m at fault. I should have waited for you to come down and come in peaceably when I entered. You’re forgiven. I only ask your forgiveness for my part in all of this.

Marianna:   Granted, Your Majesty.

Adah:   You’re still on your knees, Marianna.

Marianna:   Oh.

(She moves to get up, then stops as Shishak interjects)

Shishak:   Your Majesty, perhaps you would like to tell the Duchess the reason for your visit.

Adah:   Well, the Dark Master came to my palace last night, and told me a great evil had come upon my land because of your study of Christian’s ‘little book.’ He also said that the whole town was coming under its spell. He further asserted that, if allowed to continue, the beliefs learned from this book would lead to all sorts of violence and crime.

Marianna:   Hmph.

Adah:   But after seeing how the reading of the ‘little book’ has changed your life, I cannot comprehend how this particular world-view could cause evil. I mean who ever heard of a duchess who apologized for rough treatment and sought to make peace!

Marianna:   A duchess who’s heart has been won by the Great King.

Adah:   Ah.

Marianna:   Now, you say the dark master visited you, who’s he? I’m not familiar with him, though I have heard him mentioned a time or two.

Adah:   I’m not surprised. He is known only to the highest ranking officials in his realm. His name is Caluvaar.

Marianna:   How is it spelled?

Adah:   His name is engraved on the wall over there.

Marianna:   Hmmm, C-A-L-U-V-A-A-R. Hm.

Adah:   He used to live in your town, Marianna.

Marianna:   He did?

Adah:   He’s told me on occasion. He lived in a building overlooking Market Street?

Marianna:   Three-hearts Shop!

Adah:   That’s the one.

Marianna:   But that building has been empty for over four-hundred years—until the current owners bought it. Everyone else was afraid of the place because it seemed haunted. Hm.

Adah:   Look into it, Marianna. You must become acquainted with the Dark Master and end his rule of tyranny for I cannot. I am directly under his thumb.

Marianna:   I know just the thing, Your Majesty.

Adah:   Then do it.

Marianna:   Yes, Your Majesty.

(She turns to go, then turns back to Marianna)

Adah:   Oh, and uh…you’ll need to get off your knees for that.

(The Queen walks out of earshot.)

Marianna:   Hm, maybe not, Adah. Maybe not.

This chapter is either based on, or directly quotes these references:   Exodus 2:11, 12; 1st Peter 3:9; Proverbs 24:16; Hebrews 10:30; 2 Timothy 3:12.

 [JDB1]A transport wagon is rather a small wagon, though larger than a chariot.

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