Approaching Shady Lair

This one caused me a lot of grief, but I believe it was a good learning experience as well. So I share it with you. As a note I also have an audio version of the first couple scenes from this story available on my YouTube Channel. The link is below, following the original description.


This story (audio only) was created for fun/acting practice with some friends and is based on characters and situations from the New Amplified Pilgrim’s Progress Part II. The full version is coming soon. I know that’s become kind of a cliché phrase now, but there really is more to come. I don’t know when it will be ready yet.

I have enjoyed the Pilgrim’s Progress Audio Dramas from Orion’s Gate for almost ten years now. I even tried to start my own series of audios, which was pretty good for a 10-year-old, I guess. It only lasted one episode which was all of 15 minutes. The practice was good however; I continued to play around with script writing, acting, and sound design (adding sound effects to audio for increased realism) usually with a Pilgrim’s Progress emphasis, though sometimes I borrowed from Adventures in Odyssey as well—as far as ideas go. Those two have been biggest influence along with Your Story Hour—which I practically grew up on.

This is my best audio work to date, and I hope to improve as I go along it’s been a really fun challenge creating whole world from scratch with the sound design. And I had fun collaborating with my friends—they were the best part. You can have all the technology in the world, but it never really takes the place of people.

Hope you enjoy!

-Jaguar J Enterprise

For more information on the New Amplified Pilgrim’s Progress visit

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