The Agents Project

In addition to my work on the Pilgrim’s Progress Part 3, I also work on a series I’ll call the Agents Series, or project as it is now. It began with my desire to write a modernized Pilgrim’s Progress–something people who never read the original or subsequent adaptations that followed would read.

While my motivation remained the same, I realized that to copy John Bunyan’s work and modernize it would be not only cliche, but would also feel rather forced or out of place on my part. With this in mind I began to write freely, using only the inspiration I gather from Pilgrim’s Progress and writing more or less my own story with it’s own mythology and symbolism. It has been a rewarding experience. God has given me so many unexpected confirmations of what I was trying to convey in my fantasy/sci-fi/allegory/symbol infested world. lol So I’m going to be sharing that work as time goes on in future blog posts. Because I feel that the word needs to get out. If at some point I’m able to have this published and (with some minor adjustments) made into a screenplay, I would be delighted. But in the meantime I want to challenge myself to be bold and uh…not edit my work indefinitely. =)


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