The Chronicles of a Dreamer Part 3: The Method

What I’m about to share is over a year old and some things have changed, but I thought it was worth revisiting =)

As I was writing I began to implement an idea which had been with me for some time, but which I had dismissed as impossible: Setting Marianna in the 21st century! Of course I would not have her drive a car; that would just be wrong, okay? But I could have her use some means of wireless communication, a phone system or what not without explaining it too much, of course. For I would not want to take away from the spiritual nature of this incredible story. After some experimentation, I finally settled on mixing past, present, and future into one period. That way the story can be nostalgic, fantastical, and mundane all at once. I won’t get into what I’ve done in depth here, though I will explain some of it.

In these descriptions I will mention some of my characters from the story which I know is unfamiliar to you, so bear with me.


I’m using (in a very limited way) something I call transports. Transports are based on common sci-fi vehicle referred to as the speeder. They first show up in chapter two when Marianna wants to reach the city of Darkness ahead of the Queen. You never actually hear or see it at that point. It comes in again in chapter three when she and her children flee their castle to get away from Elihu and Shishak. Even then, you only hear the power on, the takeoff and a couple seconds (give or take) of flight. Transports appear briefly during some other events in Stupidity, but don’t appear again in the story—only a few mentions are made.


While I don’t explain what they are or how they work, it’s the pretty basic cell phone concept. They have no land lines, so these cell phone like phones operate as their main phone system. They’re also better and more reliable than today’s. But as with the transports, I don’t make a big deal about them.


Communicators are worn on the arm rather like a watch, or as a gauntlet attachment. They function much like two way radios, but with greater range and clarity.


Not much new with these, besides the fact that Mr. Great-heart has switched to Jerusalem Steel as his primary sword. Beyond that, there are new sword styles. Most of the warriors use one sword and one shield, but some like Paul and Faith use two swords usually at the same time. The other difference is how they carry them. Mr. Great-heart carries his at his side as one would expect. Paul on the other hand carries his swords on his back, both on the same side; whereas Faith, who also carries hers on her back has one on either side. Mostly because she uses two swords more often than Paul does in actual combat.


Not much different here either. I do make their armour out of Jerusalem Steel, though. Being the strongest I thought it would be a good idea.



Not much on these, although Paul does have a computer named Simon who runs his house when he’s not there, and performs various tasks as needed. Mention of Simon is limited. He appears more frequently in PP4: Racconto.

During my work on Pilgrim’s Progress 3 I’ve tried to work on other projects to keep my mind from getting tired and also because I was searching. See at this point I didn’t know that Pilgrim’s Progress was to be my life’s work—or any large part of it at in any case. I thought it was a relatively easy project that would be over soon; then I wanted to move on to something else. I have now come to realize that it will take much longer than any project I have ever undertaken. It may be the biggest project I will ever do for all I know. What can I say? I lack God’s imagination! None of my other projects have been finished yet. But there is one that has come considerably farther. It started almost as a hobby; it was my effort to learn how to write a screenplay. I’ve hardly deviated from my motivations for creating PP3 or PP4. I always write for more or less the same purpose, entertainment is always secondary.

This new story is a ninja flick with some secret agent action. As you can probably tell, I’m a person that likes to mix genres. I feel that most genres by themselves are common enough, so I want to make something different.  I don’t want to say much about it at this point except to say that the ninjas are for the most part the antagonists. This project has helped me a good deal in my story construction and thus, made my work on PP3: Marianna much better. I look forward to seeing what the end will be, as I have no idea what’s in store. Sure, I have an outline, but there’s only so much an outline can tell you.

Up Next: The Chronicles of a Dreamer Part 4: Lessons learned

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